SNU admissions 2016 fall (Seoul National University)

@icandodis apparently i am taking the AP route… well i guess it’s a bummer then if they value IB more. TBH im still in secondary and maybe i still have a long way to go before thinking about universities but im just worried & curious. So it really means a lot that you’re helping a junior like me because in most cases you see… they don’t really care.

@KimDoYun np man! :slight_smile:

@icandodis Hey btw, do you know anything about Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU)?

@KimDoYun nah sorry i only applied to two unis in korea: snu and ku

@KimDoYun yo, I don’t know a lot about Sungkyunkwan but I can share a bit of the things I know. First of all, Sung is owned by Samsung, meaning that it has the most potential as being the best university in the future. As for the application process and selectiveness, I believe it is under Korea Univ., about fourth in ranking I think. But, as I said, it is fastly improving and I think will someday be the best univ.

I never heard of Sung favoring IB over AP as much as other univ like Yonsei or SNU. In fact, a senior of mine who graduated about 2 or 3 years ago got accepted to the physics department, and my school is AP curriculum.

@uzi618 @icandodis Hey Guys!!! You applied SNU and Yonsei Medical School? Got accepted? I’m now planning to apply for Med school at SNU and searching more information about that.I already read their official website.But still not sure and want to know more specific.Could you guys please tell me a little about it?

Hii do you know anything about the Fashion Design program at SNU?

@Oxella no, I didn’t apply to either of them. I just applied to SNU biochem. SNU and Yonsei med are very hard to get in. Very hard

Hello!! I don’t know if this forum is still active but I really hope someone replies. I’m a senior in high school with an average GPA (3.7) and a pretty low SAT score (1290/1600). Although I’m a korean, I lived outside of Korea for 12 years so I have the 12 year International specialty. I’m planning to apply to SNU (Psych major), Yonsei underwood college, and Korea university. I’m pretty bad in Korean so I’m applying to yonsei underwood because I heard that all of their classes are in english. However, I heard that it is more hard to get into Yonsei underwood than getting into yonsei university with a normal major. Does anyone know if I’ll be able to survive the classes if I DO GET into yonsei university psychology major? ( poor at writing, average at speaking, pretty good in listening, I speak korean with my parents but prefer english over korean.) THANK YOU FOR ANYONE WHO RESPONDS THIS!

Hi there @CCFINDER Just want to inform you that UIC is kinda easy to get it I think bc I was accepted for the 2017 spring semester but I didnt enrolled in. UIC however is more expensive than Korean univ in general, and that’s why I cannot afford the tuition fee there, without any scholarship T^T. Abt the Yonsei Ungergrad program I’m now waiting for the result to be announced in April 28th, so I cannot tell anything abt it except for hoping for a bright future coming to me T^T. The special thing abt my stat is that I was accepted to UIC without SAT test score, just have my GPA 3.6/4.0, so I think you dont need to worry friend ^^. Hope this information is useful for your application.

@yingying1704 thank you so much for your reply!

Hello! I hope that this forum is still active. Does anyone knows at how many universities in korea are we allowed to apply for same application period? For example, at how many universities i am allowed to apply for fall2017.
I applied for SNU, Korea University and i wish to apply also at Yonsei Univ.
Btw, i didn’t got accepted into SNU. Maybe my age is too old for being a snu undergraduate student.

@CCFINDER not sure if youre still interested (cuz of late reply) but yonsei underwood is very easy to get into. With your stats u will most likely get accepted if u apply. And the part abt how yonsei uni normal major is easier to get into than underwood is bs. Tbh im not sure if u can get into SNU psych major but give it a try! As for korea uni psych major, u will probs get accepted. I have a friend with mediocre grades who got accepted to korea uni psych.

@tinammm 6 apps for each period!

I hope I can get a response. Currently I’m set to graduate with my BS in Psychology. I want to apply for the SNU Masters/Doctorate Psychology program, but I’m having a lot of trouble tracking down recent and accurate information. It has been a run around for me. I’m American and never studied outside the country. I really want to give SNU a shot but my GPA is fairly low right now 2.5. I’ll finally be done with my military service in July so I can feel comfortable leaving. I only decided a few months ago that I wanted to go for my Masters. So I’m working on getting my GPA as high as possible before I graduate in Nov. Do you guys have any advice? Should I even bother? I feel like everyone else who posts is so far ahead of me that I don’t stand a chance. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

@JusMill dunno anything abt masters/doctorate at SNU tho…

I don’t know if this is thread is alive, but I just wanted to know if SNU should be my match, reach or safety school.
I am applying as an International II student starting fall semester to the engineering department.

I have an unweighted GPA of 3.82 (18 AP classes, some were two year courses so technically I only have 16).

For my AP exams:

  • All 5’s except for AP US History and AP World History which are 4’s.

On my SAT:

  • super scored 1570 and 1530 raw (out of 1600)

On my ACT:

  • super scored I have a 35 and 34 raw (took again hoping for 36)

SAT II subject tests:

  • Biology 770
  • Math II 800
  • Chem 790 (debating if I should retake for 800)
  • will be taking Korean and Physics

My extracurriculars are pretty solid and I have a healthy amount of awards and about 4 leadership positions.
I also have an internship at the engineering department of an Ivy league school (had it for about 2 years will be doing next year as well).
I am planning on taking the TOPIK or TOEFL this summer.
Thank you!

Im not sure if this forum is still active but I recently applied to SNU Pre-med program as a 12-year international student eligibility.

My SAT scores are kinda low (super scored 2040) but my gpa is pretty high and I did APs but I did not submit any. I did 4 clubs during high school with numerous awards and experiences. Also, I am attending UC Berkeley at the moment as an Integrative Biology student pursuing premed courses there as well. I also have a lot of research and internship experiences at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles and worked under a USC professor on his research on eye cancer.

any info on snu med would be great!