St. Lawrence Class of 2023 RD

Hey guys! I realized there wasn’t a thread for this year’s round of regular decisions. Good luck to you! Has anyone else heard back yet? I got my acceptance on 2/4/19

I got in around then too, but I was a little confused because I thought it was suppose to come out in March

How have you both gotten accepted to St. Lawrence? I thought decisions would be out by March 15th? I haven’t gotten any yet.

@pigustavo I’m not sure. I applied back in November though so maybe they were just sitting on my decision

I got an acceptance package in early February

I haven’t heard back from them. I’m really worried. I’m so envious of you guys who heard back from them :frowning:

If you don’t mind asking, how good we’re your stats ? I’m pretty worried and st Lawrence is one of my top schools. My stats aren’t that good.

@Taraiwbsosd8505 according to last years posts, RD was notified March 20th. So if you applied RD, then I wouldn’t be worried. Also have you checked your portal to make sure everything is in?

@toomanykiddos thank you so much for replying. Yes I checked my portal and it looks like everything is completed.

@Taraiwbsosd8505 I had a 1430 on my SAT. I submitted two subject tests which were rather low (in the 600s). I have a 4.44 GPA and am ninth in my class of 213. I have a leadership position in a community service club and I am a full IB candidate

@pbfn875 When did you apply?

Just got an email that a package was coming through fedex from St. Lawrence. That package is titled admission decision and weighs .50lbs any idea what the decision could be. I am an international applicant and will be getting the package on monday.

@sheikhmujtaba1 omg good luck !!

@sheikhmujtaba1 I’m I’m not sure if this is correct or is of any help but when I google what a letter weighs like, google said a normal letter in an envelope weighs around 13 grams and a 0.50lb to grams is 226 grams. So I think it may be a acceptance? I’m not sure this is just my weird research. Anyways good luck I hope you get in !

@sheikhmujtaba1 yeah my acceptance came in a big envelope with a couple of papers in it. probably around .5. It may have come through fedex because its too bulky to fit in a traditional mailbox

My DD also came in a large white envelope with the words “Your Story Here”. She had applied EA

Anyone know when RD decisions will be released? Does the portal update?

@“IMPATIENT MOM” RD decisions are supposed to be mailed today. Hopefully we’ll receive them sometime next week.

Good luck to all! My son is considering St. Lawrence, and I’d appreciate any thoughts from those who have visited! We are visiting 3/27-3/28. We are also going to visit UVM - Honors College. Thank you!

We received a large envelope in the mail today!!