This Is Us. Anyone watching?

Hey, I’m not expecting miracles here.

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Not being morbid or I sensitive but maybe we will see Jack and Rebecca reunite on the other side…

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I have to tell you, I would hate that. Though I could see it as part of Rebecca’s transitioning.

I agree. I hope I’m wrong!

Me too.

Me too

One thing I just read that I didn’t notice, is that Kevin’s ring finger is not visible in the flash forward but he apparently is sharing the hotel room with a woman, as there are women’s cosmetics on the bathroom sink. Madison? Sophie? Someone new?

We have to wait until next year to find out.

I, too, thought the dress scene was simply to show Tess that Beth gets it. But not sure if IRL I wouldn’t have told my daughter that she has to wear the dress the bride wanted.

Seems possible that Kevin will, over time raising his kids with Madison, fall in love with her. If that happens they could well be married by the time of the Kate second wedding flash-forward or at least on their way at that point an married by the time of the flash forward with Rebecca in bed at the house near the cabin.

I have seen posts on the internet that Chrissy Metz has lost 100 pounds. I don’t know if she’s wearing a fat suit, or if shooting for this past season was so sporadic, it happened afterwards.

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I read somewhere several years ago that weight loss was a requirement written in to that character’s contract. So there has been a weight loss plan in the script from the beginning. Good for Chrissy Metz! I’ll have to stalk her online now.

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There are many recent stories accompanied by “after” pictures of Chrissy’s face on Melissa McCarthy’s body.

Interesting! That makes sense! I had read years ago the same as @DramaMama2021 so thought maybe she was actually doing it. I didn’t dive very deep!

Maybe Kate is renewing her vows with Toby and Kevin is marrying the music guy’s sister in a double wedding ceremony. :joy::joy::joy:


Yes! I was trying to think how he could become Kevin’s BIL without marrying Kate. You’ve solved it!

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Sterling K Brown posted an Instagram video yesterday from the first day on the set for the final season. As he said, “last first day”. We won’t see new episodes until January of course. I had told myself - and now I’m reminding myself - that I’d sort of like to rewatch the first 5 seasons prior to this last season starting. Not sure I can accomplish that but I think I’d appreciate the last season even more!


I have thought about watching the first 5 seasons again as well. Just so much I likely missed or do not recall at this point. Just not sure there will be time though.

Hmm… if I were to rewatch This Is Us prior seasons (or at least some of it), maybe I’d rather wait til after Season 6? Not sure.

I think I want it all fresh in my mind - or fresher - there is so much to remember and I feel like they will be tying up so many loose story ends!!!