Transfer student UIUC or Vanderbilt

<p>I am a freshman in UIUC and I have already got the offer from Vanderbilt as a transfer student. and I am an International student from China..
I am planning to be business major. since UIUC has pretty good accounting program while vandy doesn't have any undergraduate business major, some of my friends suggest that i should stay in UIUC... and nashville is not that good location for biz.. but i truly want to stay in a smaller private school instead of UIUC..
since i dont too much about the reputation and education of vandy in US, i really want some advice from you guys..
if i want to go to a top graduate school when i graduate, which one is better for me? and how about the chance to find a job, maybe like finance..
Thank you very much!</p>

<p>If it was any other major I would say Vanderbilt, BUT you are at UIUC and they are strong in your major. That being said, you can still get into an MBA program with a different degree (econ etc) and overall Vandy is the stronger institution. I don't think we will be taking a "step down" by going to Vanderbilt at all. in fact its considered the stronger overall academically on par with Northwestern, Wash U, Notre Dame, Cornell, etc.</p>

<p>thank you! its truly a hard decision for me... how about vandy's location?
so you think i should go to vandy?</p>

<p>If you are considering business school - Vandy's prestige and your grades are more important than its location.. Now if we are talking "diversity" it is not going to be as comfortable than UIUC as far as the number of Asian students if that is important to you. </p>

<p>Read this thread there are some students from Vandy on it.</p>

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<p>yeah, i know, like thousands of chinese here in uiuc..
but i have been thinking more about graduate school and finding a job.. if i want to find a job when i graduate, hows the recruiting going in vandy?</p>

<p>and how about vandy's reputation in the northern part?
really want you guys give me some suggestion..thank you!</p>

<p>Why did you apply to transfer? What was the catalyst? Unless there is something that's not clear from your statements, I'd say stay at U Illinois. I love Vanderbilt and think it is one of the best undergraduate destinations in the USA and qualitatively, it is a step up from U Illinois. But you're already in place at U Illinois and I wonder at how much you're going to pick up by making this move. Unless you're chafing at the large size of U Illinois and need a more intimate environment to maximize your academic and overall undergraduate experience or there is some large financial benefit to making this switch, then I'd say stay at UIUC. </p>

<p>If you want to study undergrad business, UIUC can give you that while Vandy does so only indirectly via a degree in economics. This isn't a deal-killer for Vandy as there are many ways to reach your post-graduate goals without an undergrad business degree, but if you're intent on studying this, then UIUC would seem to make more sense. </p>

<p>If you want to go to a top grad school, you can do that from either college. Both are well regarded. Your GPA will decide this and you'll need to achieve highly at either place. Would a move to a new environment be disruptive to your pursuit of a high GPA? More importantly, if you are referring to MBA school as your grad school destination, your work experience will have greater consequence than the name of your undergraduate college. This point is often missed or underrated by students, particularly those coming from outside of the USA. </p>

<p>If you want to work in the NE and Wall Street, then Vandy has a stronger presence than U Illinois and will be more actively recruited, but the current reality is that neither is a staple on the I-banking circuit. Over the past decade, the Vanderbilt student quality has risen to the level of the non-HYP Ivies and so I expect the school's profile to rise with highly competitive recruiters (although I would expect it to place at a lower rate than the northern incumbents and more historically plugged-in Duke). But the school's recruiting connections in the NE are lagging the strength of their current student body. </p>

<p>By contrast, U Illinois, with its 90% IS student base, is much more regional and does not send many grads outside of the Midwest. Probably the most visible and most recruited school at UIUC is engineering. Business is a distant second, at least in terms of national profile and is not widely represented in NYC. In Chicago, however, U Illinois is the incumbent and obviously a major power in the placement of students.</p>

<p>so appreciate your help..
for the reasons why i want to transfer. first, I am really thinking about to get in a smaller private school in order to learn more from my professors and classmates and get more truly US undergraduate education. (although i got 4.0 gpa in my first semester, it more like i learnt all by myself instead of my professors...) i can experience more US culture since lots of international students in uiuc..more importantly, i have an aunt in nashville, they said i should try to transfer to vandy.. and the ranking and education there are pretty good.
i think i can gain a better undergraduate education in vandy, but kind of worry about career..</p>

<p>more advice!! thank you...</p>

<p>If you're sure you want to study business right now (by right now, I mean undergraduate study), stay at UIUC.</p>

<p>If you can wait till graduate school to study business, and considering you like a small evironment and you want more contact from professors, go to Vandy</p>

<p>But remember, both of them can help you into great grad.</p>

<p>either econ or business major for undergraduate study is good for me i think..
i am just wondering which one will be better for me to prepare my career for future?</p>

<p>none is necessary better than the other.</p>

<p>For your future career, graduate school is more important</p>

<p>do you go to office hours? that is a great way to discuss things with your professors directly</p>



<p>What is meant by "the northern part"? Do you mean the Northeastern United States?</p>

<p>And what geographic areas are you interested in working in after graduation? China is inherently of some relevance because you're not guaranteed to be able to stay in the USA. (This assumes you don't have a green card, but green card holders aren't usually considered international students.) But are you interested in at least applying to work in the USA? If so, which parts of the USA might you want to work in after graduation? Would you be interested in working in a third country, e.g., other than China or the USA?</p>

<p>yeah, i meant the northeastern USA..
I am interested in applying to work in the USA after graduation, and i think norteastern is my first choice. so want to know about vandy's reputation in northeastern U.S.</p>

<p>yeah..always lots of students there but only one professor.. so want to be in a smaller school so that to take more advantages from it..</p>

<p>I see no reason to leave UIUC, but go to Vandy if you want. It's a great school.</p>

<p>got you. thank you very much</p>

<p><a href="although%20i%20got%204.0%20gpa%20in%20my%20first%20semester,%20it%20more%20like%20i%20learnt%20all%20by%20myself%20instead%20of%20my%20professors...">quote</a>


<p>You are always going to be the one ultimately responsible for learning the material.</p>

<p>I don't see the need or logic in switching. You said you wanted to major in business. Vanderbilt doesn't have a business program. Illinois has an excellent one and you are already in it.</p>

<p>Also too, I think you will find that as you advance in your classes, the classes get smaller. Many universities can seem overwhelming in size at first. It does get better.</p>



<p>OK, this is important.</p>

<p>Like most undergraduate business programs, UIUC tends to place primarily within its region, e.g., the Midwest. This could be limiting if you really prefer to live in the Northeast. I wouldn't count on being able to beat the odds and work in the Northeast after graduating from UIUC. For one thing, contacts are everything in business, and your contacts and alumni network are going to be concentrated in the Midwest.</p>

<p>But complicating things is the fact that UIUC probably has a better reputation in China than most of the universities to which you could transfer. Again, until and unless you get a green card, you can't assume you'll be able to live and work in the USA after graduation.</p>

<p>Yet transferring to Vanderbilt, which doesn't even have a program in your field, also seems like a questionable move.</p>

<p>Would you be better off transferring to a university other than UIUC or Vanderbilt which has a Business program with a solid reputation in the Northeast?</p>

<p>Also, I worked in downtown Chicago for multiple years. The professional world in downtown Chicago is quite homogeneous, conformist and intolerant of differences. The Chicago suburbs are only marginally better. As someone from another cultural background, I think you're right that the Northeast is a good place for you. The West Coast is also a good choice.</p>