U Mass Amherst Regular Decisions 2024

Did not see a tread for regular decision results. I think these will be released around March 2-5th. Last year decisions were released evening on Monday March 4th. Anyone have any better idea on when results will be released this year?

Thanks for making this thread! Based off of last year’s trend, my guess is March 2nd, but we’ll see. UConn one day, UMass the next… oof

When results are posted please share your decision with a brief outline - major, in or OOS, GPA, ACT/SAT, ECs etc… to help future applicants understand what profiles get acceptances. If you have any merit awards please include those if you are comfortable doing so. Thank you

@lexington29 Thanks and agree March 2nd Monday evening is looking most likely for RD results sharing but may be Tuesday or Wednesday.

I got my acceptance today

what major?

Got our acceptance today! OOS College of Engineering.

OOS CoE, Chancellor’s Scholarship (16k/yr), 1540 SAT, decent but not stellar (~3.7) GPA at a competitive school

Kinesiology in the School Public Health and Health Sciences

Kinesiology in the School Public Health and Health Sciences.

Was accepted to biology
GPA 4.2 (weighted)
SAT 1200
Received chancellors award for 10k

Did those that have acceptances get an email to notify them as my D has no email and no change in her portal as yet. Why would a few acceptances come out now?

Son Accepted to COE (Computer Engineering) yesterday
wGPA 4.2
SAT 1250

Anyone hear back for nursing yet?

Accepted to College of Natural Sciences (Physics) on 19th:
wGPA 4.3
ACT 34

+CHC & Dean’s Award for 2k

@stepl100 - I’m wondering the same, actually; we were expecting to have to wait until early- to mid-March, based on all of the literature and website info.

Son accepted yesterday. College of Natural Sciences for Biology.

In state
GPA 3.1
ACT 31
No APs, three honors courses
Some not so common activities.

No merit aid award.

For people who have received decisions, did you receive an email to check your portal or did you look voluntarily?

Received email then checked…

Accepted last wednesday(2/19) in the college of social and behavioral sciences(journalism major with minor in psych).
GPA- 3.3 weighted
SAT- 1200
1 AP
4 Honors overall
In state