UC San Diego Class of 2027 Official Thread

Welcome prospective Tritons. It’s that time of year again as the UC application has now opened and submission starts October 1 through November 30. I am @Gumbymom one of the two UC Forum Champions/Moderators. My Co-Forum Champion is @lkg4answers and we are knowledgeable on the increasingly complicated UC admissions process and hopefully we can help any prospective UC applicants with their questions.

UC San Diego like all the UC’s are test blind and will use 13 areas of criteria to review Freshman applicants. Each campus will weight the various areas of criteria differently so one size does not fit all. The UC application website has plenty of information that can help determine if UC San Diego is a good option when applying. Below is some admit information specific to the school.




  • Very important : Academic GPA, Personal Insight questions, Rigor of secondary school record
  • Important : Character/personal qualities, Extracurricular activities, First generation college student, State residency, Talent/ability, Volunteer work
  • Considered: ELC eligibility, First generation, Work Experience
  • Note: . Admission for out-of-state applicants more selective than for residents.

The campus does not admit students on the basis of academic major or choice of UC San Diego undergraduate college. Alternate majors are considered. Also note: Capped majors require additional pre-req courses and specific GPA to be able to qualify for changing majors.

**Starting in Fall 2022, the incoming CSE class is growing and it will be hard (if not impossible) for students to switch into CSE majors if they are not admitted directly.

Best of luck to all applicants and here is a link to last year’s discussion thread: https://talk.collegeconfidential.com/t/uc-san-diego-freshman-class-of-2026-discussion

If you are applying to UCSD, you will be asked to rank the different colleges.

The UCSD website has information about each college and allows you to compare the UCSD colleges.

Each college has their own general education (GE) requirements and each college offers different credit for AP courses.

At UCSD, your first year housing will be in your college. There are certain Living Learning Communities that are in specific colleges. If you are interested in that LLC, you will want to rank your colleges accordingly.

UCSD has several capped majors. They strongly recommend, if you are selecting a capped major as your first choice, that you select a non-capped major as your alternative choice.

Hi everyone! I’m a current UCSD student- if you have any questions on how to rank the UCSD college please message me! I’m always down to help potential Triton :))


Hows the business major at UCSD, is it capped major and any guidance you can provide related to this major.

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Here are the Capped majors at UCSD:

Majors with capped status – for all students:

Are you asking about Business Economics or International Business for UCSD?

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yes Gumbymom

I have no specific insights to Business Econ or IB but just getting clarification in the hopes another poster or @smilely_face101 can answer your question.

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@smilely_face101 I’m curious what kids think of Seventh College. Is it pretty far from the center of campus? Any less social because housing is apartment style?

Have you heard any rumors about Eighth College?

So neither of the business majors offered at UCSD are capped majors, fortunately! I have a friend in the business-econ program and she is really enjoying it! The econ classes are def harder than the business classes, but its good overall. If you have any specific questions, lmk!


UCSD is a huge campus in general so all the colleges are decently far from each other, but you are absolutely correct in saying that Seventh is farther than everything else. Luckily there is a campus shuttle take will take students from Seventh to other locations on campus, so it isn’t horrible. But I don’t think the apartment-style housing makes the college any more social or not.
Eighth College is currently still in the works- it is also incredibly far from everything as well and there is no ocean view to make up for it. I heard a small rumor that Marshall College may be getting rebuilt so Marshall students might be moved there. If this is true, then it will be happening years into the future!


Hi, I asked this on the UCLA board, but I think the answer could be different for UCSD. If you are leaning arts/humanities, is there a disadvantage to marking your major as undeclared?


UCSD admits into the University first and then into the major. Alternate majors are also considered. Applying as Undeclared is not an issue as long as the student does not plan to pursue any of the Capped Majors.

Majors with capped status – for all students:


Good morning. Quick question about required forms in portal on CA residency. Our son, lives OOS but has a parent who is a long resident of CA. We are pretty sure our son qualifies for a CA residency special circumstances exception under the residency for tuition policy. We were surprised however to see a request for us to submit a slew of documents from the CA parent that will be used by the residence office to process his residency status appear in our son’s portal immediately. We thought this is something that happens if admission to the university is offered, yet the portal made it clear that the information is being asked for now “in order to process your application.” Has anyone had any experience with this and why UCSD might ask for it so early? Thank you

I believe UCSD is being proactive in verifying residency since the UC’s have capped the # of OOS and International students they can accept and probably need to confirm especially if the student listed they are attending HS OOS. Just send in the documentation requested.

If you are an unmarried minor (under age 18), the residence of the parent(s) with whom you live will be considered your residence. Please note, if your parents are not permanently separated or divorced, both parents must be present in California. Owning property in California is not enough to qualify you or your parents as California residents for tuition purposes.

If your parents were once California residents and they consider their absence to be temporary, the burden is on your parents to verify that they did nothing inconsistent with their claim of a continuing California residence during their absence. See Temporary Absences for information about retaining California residence during absences

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Thank you. We submitted the docs - it was a lot! :blush: The amount of documentation required is what prompted my question considering he hasn’t yet been admitted. We applied to 7 UCs and UCSD is the only one that made this request to date. We had been expecting this request if he gets offered admission not prior, so just caught us by surprise.

Every UC campus acts independently so UCSD is ahead of the game.
Not sure of your situation but here is more information.

Also found this statement:

  • Divorced/ separated parents: You may be able to derive California residence status from a California resident parent if you move to California to live with that parent on or before your 18th birthday. If you begin residing with your California parent after your 18th birthday, you will be treated like any other adult student coming to California to establish residence.

We are likely eligible under the Collier Bill which is a listed special circumstance exemption the residency policy

You are referring to this statement:

Dependent of a California resident parent (Condit Bill)

A student who is a dependent child of a California resident parent (if the parent has been a resident for more than one year immediately before the residence determination date) may be entitled to a one year conditional resident classification. During this one year conditional resident classification, the student must fulfill the residency requirements by the relevant deadlines in order to qualify for a continued resident classification for subsequent terms.

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