*UCB Freshman Class of 2025 Waitlist and Appeal discussion*

I agree lol…at least make the cooldown shorter

Unrecognized or unauthorized?

this may be strange but i had the unauthorized message for a while but now its unrecognized

should we make an insta chat/discord group?

if someone’s going to make a group make a discord one

join up guys (screw cc with the 10 min cooldown)



lol can you guys still keep us updated on anything important

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fs everyone check applicant portals at 4 PST to see if any glitch comes

reply to this message if you have any changes on your application portal (check withdraw application message and faq changes) or cal central

Ayyyy the cool down is removed

this may already have been brought up, but I think some Jr. transfers have heard about the WL. Like, as of today.

what???..hm what does that mean for us

nothing, probably. I just thought it was interesting. Last year, i have no idea about the timing of transfer admits.
I just overheard a girl today in a zoom class say (well, scream really) that she just got into Berkeley. She is a soph student at city college, san francisco.

its a possibility she mightve checked late as well

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Everyone please fill in this poll for waitlist demographics if you haven’t:


I’m so pissed if they don’t release the first wave this week… anxiety be hitting hard

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i lowkey feel that it wont come this week :frowning:

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Yea we would’ve gotten the glitch if they do release this week.