UCI Appeals 2024

I’m working on an appeal for UCI and need help. Not sure what to include in the appeal letter and the small extra box category. Can I include letters of reccomendation? Appealing. because my school made a mistake on transcript and didn’t include 2 college classes I took in the Summer and Fall, hence lowering my GPA. Is that a good basis to appeal on?

SAT: 1280
Unweighted: 3.7
Weighted: 4.2 (cummulative)
ASB: 4 years (plus 1 year officer board)
CSF: 4 year (plus officer board)
Tennis: 4 years
COunty Youth court participant: 1 year
Took 5 APs: passed all tests

when do UCI appeals come out?

How come no one is commenting loll? I appealed on the 12th of April I believe and haven’t received a response back yet. Anyone else??

I haven’t heard anything back either

I appealed to UCI and UCLA on April 15. I was denied again at UCLA and I don’t have high hopes anymore for UCI. I believe I had a pretty good appeal and my stats weren’t so bad either. I really wished this discussion had more replies so we could know when decisions start coming out :neutral:

I appealed on March 24th and have yet to hear anything back. It has been over 5 weeks now so I expect to hear something rather soon…

Does anyone know when appeals usually come out for UCI?

From discussions I have read from the class of 2023, updates were sent from around May 10 through May 31. Good luck to everyone!

I just read that a lot of the waitlist applicants have been accepted which I’m guessing means that probably after this week appeals will begin to come out. Has anyone received anything?

so some UC schools allow for an appeal? my daughter was denied at UCSB but allowed an appeal letter and supporting documentation and letters of recommendation she submitted all of it. She was wait-listed for UCI with no option to appeal or submit any supporting or new documentation. How long before we hear back whether they are admitting off their wait-list? We keep checking email but nothing there.

@vivi040372 UCI unfortunately had no option to submit an appeal/LOCI for students put on the waitlist. The only option we’re given is to sit and wait :(. The first wave of waitlist admits was sent out on April 28th, but there weren’t many. Nothing has come since the SIR deadline passed on Friday, so expect it sometime this week I guess? I’m currently waiting and it’s frustrating waiting day by day, but we’ll get through it :slight_smile:

Nothing from UCI appeal yet!

The 12th will be the 4th week from submission and it says to wait 4-6 weeks. I am extremely nervous but anxious to finally receive an answer. There’s a 4% chance of your appeal being accepted and I’m really hoping to go here. Good luck yall. :smiley:

@okayokayokay Just curious, what were your stats and activities?

Do you guys think decisions will be out next week? I have to SIR to UCR by the 17 but I also want to go to UCI.

@rynb24 Im not going to lie, my stats aren’t the best. 3.9 GPA, 1090 SAT, 22 ACT and in my opinion pretty good PIQs. I have 100+ hrs volunteering, HOSA, NAMI, ASB, and sport clubs since my hs does not have sports or honors classes.

@okayokayokay 1090 and 22 are really competitive scores!!! You got this!!!

@krispey THANK YOU! I’m really crossing my fingers on this, good luck to you too! :blush:

it’s almost my 7th week and I still haven’t heard anything from UCI. should I be worried?

It is also my 7th week since appeal submission… I am kind of worried but the portal also says to wait 6-8 weeks.