UCSD Class of 2024 Waitlist

I tried looking for a 2024 waitlist discussion, but I couldn’t find one so I created one

Is it true that it’s really hard to get off of a waitlist?

It all depends upon how many students enroll by May 1. If the yield is low, then they will take students off the waitlist. If the yield is high, then few to no spots will be available.

I was waitlisted from UCSD. Received my decision yesterday. I guess I’ll wait and see what’ll happen.

same! for what major? wish you the best of luck

Got waitlisted as well. First choice of major was data science, second choice was business psychology, and first choice of college was Muir.

My son also waitlisted. He selected data science and statistics as major.
SAT 1480 (800 maths + 680)
SAT2 800 maths, 800 physics, 720 US history

My son was waitlisted for Mathematics- Computer Science. He’s not sure if UCSD will be his top choice but is there any reason not to accept the waitlist offer? How do they choose who gets off the waitlist if a spot opens?

If anyone calls ucsd’s admissions office about being on the waitlist, please share! thank you so much

Just an FYI: Since UCSD admits into the University first and then into the major, many of the waitlisted applicants that get off the waitlist will be offered Undeclared so something to consider if you are holding out for UCSD.

@Gumbymom does this mean there is hope someone waitlisted to a major may be offered admission to undeclared major before May 1?

@travelbee: Usually the schools wait until after the SIR deadline of May 1 to determine if there are spots available for waitlisted students. If there are many declined admissions before that date, then they could potentially pull from the waitlist unfortunately many applicants will wait till the last minute to decline or accept.

I have rarely seen where no applicants will be pulled from the waitlist, but it all depends upon the yield.

My daughter is waitlisted.

Did anyone notice that on the decision page it stated: “For Fall 2020, we received 100,000 applications for a first-year class of approximately 6,100.”? What does that mean?

@IKCheese: it means their target enrollment is 6100 Freshman but they accept around 3 times as many applicants.


So 18,000 applicants were accepted?

@Gumbymom : Thank you. Their target is merely 6,100? I though UCSD has admitted around 25,000 students every year. So I was wondering why they stated 6,100 on the page.

@Gumbymom : Oh, only 6,100 enrollees every year. Thank you for the clarification.

@collegefresh7364: I do not know the exact numbers admitted. 3X is a general estimate if you assume a 33% yield.

This is the 2019 data:
99,125 applications
Admits:: 32,005
Overall acceptance rate: 32.3%
Enrolled: 6015

So the admits are far higher than 3X the target enrollment.

My son on waitlist also. In-state, Computer Science. 1410 (730 math/ 680 english). 4.34 W GPA.

Also waitlisted for USD. Accepted to UCSC, U of Utah and Illinois Init of Tech all in CS. Will make decision later this month. likely will go on UCSD waitlist.

Would it be recommended to write a LOCI?