UMN Twin Cities Early Action for Fall 2023 Admission

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus offers Early Action for freshman admissions.

The Early Action (EA) deadline for Fall 2023 admission at UMN Twin Cities is November 1.

All early action applicants should receive an admissions decision by January 31. For more information visit the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus page on College Confidential.

See updates and discuss results with other UMN Twin Cities applicants.

Are you planning to apply early to University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus? Why UMN Twin Cities? What questions do you have about applying early? Comment in the thread below.

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My S applied to UMN-TC Engineering a couple weeks ago. I would love to hear the timeline if anyone hears back, I think it is supposed to be rolling?

Last year my S22 applied to CSE in late August and heard on September 27. I think admission decisions were posted on Monday afternoons starting around September 15 - you can confirm by checking last year’s thread.


My daughters applied 8/20 and are anxiously awaiting a decision.

They are in the “Middle 50” for Academic Factors but have some Context Factors that will hopefully contribute to a stronger overall Holistic Review of their application.


yes, still waiting here too. Maybe the decisions will start next Monday, I am hoping, since that’s what someone said they did last year!


S23 was accepted to the college of engineering today. He applied back in August. Whew.


Our OOS son was accepted to CLA today. He applied in August. It’s his first choice, so we’re hoping merit is offered and brings it down enough.


One of mine got into CLA today. The other applied to CBS and didn’t hear back yet.

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My son (OOS) applied 9/10 and was accepted for engineering today (9/19). Does anyone know when they send merit scholarship notification?


My S23 in state got accepted to CLA as well today, and he applied early August. Waiting for the Honor and the merit scholarship …


My kid applied a week ago and got accepted today. Definitely didn’t expect a decision that quickly.

My son applied mid August and heard last night he was accepted into the College of Liberal Arts. We’re thrilled.

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Anyone heard from Carlson school of Management?
My daughter applied with following stats to CSOM:
Applied: 9/19
GPA: 3.88 Unweighted/4.0
ACT: 30
Good ECs
In-state: one of the big schools in Twin Cities… do not rank
Rigor: Only 3 APs but many honors courses.
Wants to do Finance/MIS.
Any idea on her chances to get in? second option is CLA

I can’t speak specifically to her chances but based on what you shared, I would definitely encourage you to remain hopeful. Her GPA and ACT scores fit well within the “Middle 50” for CSOM based on last year’s admissions overview published on the U’s website. Best of luck!

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She will get in if she is OOS. Also since they are rolling you will hear pretty soon. I do not know the chances in-state.

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I’m that son lol, figured I’d give some stats for comparison:
GPA (uw): 3.7
No class rank
SAT: 1300
Good EC’s
5 Ap Classes
Applied for PoliSci
Applied EA on 8/22
Heard on 9/19

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My OOS daughter is a current sophomore. When she applied, she was accepted end of Sep and then received notification of scholarship and honors at the end of Oct. I think that is their pattern each year. Note that scholarship notification comes via snail mail. Nothing on the portal. Honors was on portal.

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