UNC Chapel Hill Class of 2025 — Regular Decision

Hi there. I found that there is only UNC ea 2025, but not rd. So I decided to open up the discussion! Good luck with our college admission.

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thanks for starting! anyone have any idea of when RD decisions will come out? (i mean any date more specific than just “by end of March”)

I’m thinking of March 27th. Like Boston Univ is also releasing their decision on that day

On reddit, they say March 31


I think regular decisions came out on March 20th last year but they could probably be released anytime in late March before or on the 31st.

ok great thanks everyone!

Does anybody know if UNC sent or is sending out likely letters?

Haven’t heard of anything for this year’s admissions cycle.

Do we have any hope that decisions will be released on Friday? It would be consistent with last year, but I’m not familiar with their release dates in other years.

Probably gonna be this Friday or next Friday. I hope it’s this Friday but I have a feeling we’re gonna have to wait another week.


Ah, hoping it’s this Friday too. It’d be a nice surprise. Will expect it next Friday though.


I’m thinking tomorrow or next Friday. If there are 4 Friday’s in the month of March, it has usually come out on the third Friday (last year it came out on the 20th) and if there are 5 Friday’s it will come out on the 4th Friday of March ( in 2019 it came out on the 22nd). We have 4 Friday’s this month so that would mean the third Friday is tomorrow. I’m hoping it will come out tomorrow, but I won’t be surprised if it comes out next Friday or anywhere in between those dates. Good luck everyone!


Hi, I was waitlisted Early Action and our decisions came out the last Wednesday of January.

Are you guys able to login to ONYEN?

I’m not able to what about you? It might be too early but I don’t know.

I can’t either. I was just a bit worried that implied a rejection.

yeah it might be too early. I don’t think i’m gonna keep checking ONYEN though because it’s just gonna stress me out guess i’ll just be patient and wait for the official decisions


whats ONYEN/ how do you access it?

https://improv.itsapps.unc.edu/#UserCreateOnyenPlace:createOnyen i’m not really sure what it is but apparently if you’ve been admitted you’re able to login using your PID which you can lookup. I think it might be too early for it to work right now but I can’t be certain. I recommend you look at last years thread for more info because i’m just drawing this all off of what they said last year.

I keep getting PID is not qualified anyone else ?