UNC Chapel Hill Class of 2025 — Regular Decision

it was a reach for me but probably my top choice. I’m happy to go to nc state though I got accepted into the honors college there and could potentially have a lot of career development opportunities through various things, so i’m not too disappointed about being waitlisted.

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Definitely one of my top choices - love the health policy program and was dying to get in

Accepted! OOS and I got that outside scholarship email

Same here. She was WL Michigan, WL from EA at UNC, accepted at Berkeley. NO sense to this crazy thing, at least this year.

Inlt. student waitlisted

Hey guys, I was waitlisted EA (which is weird IMO, they should just defer me). Do they accept letters of continued interest? I know the portal said they wont accept other supplements, just wondering if it is a lost cause.

Honestly, I’m not sure. everyone and their mom seems to have been waitlisted this year :sweat_smile:

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Accepted OOS from Texas

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Accepted in-state

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Waitlisted OOS(CA)

I got rejected even with a coach flagging my application… how is that even possible?

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Have they released financial aid info yet for those who were accepted RD?

When will unc send out officia packages

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My student is there now with a public health policy intent. She applies for her major next year. We are very happy with her school choice.

Does anyone have experience with the Business college being away from main campus? Is it an inconvenience freshman year and beyond… it’s a concern for my D and wondering if someone familiar can comment if it’s a legitimate concern. Thank you!

Was there years ago and I don’t think it would be too bad. It’s certainly separate from the heart of campus, so once you’re down there you’re kind of there until you leave - probably inconvenient to just pop out & see your friends up on Franklin St. But that probably wouldn’t matter if you had a block of classes down there. May be tricky to get to and from other classes quickly, so you’d need to plan scheduling carefully. For example, you wouldn’t want a 9am class at the bus. school and 10am up on the main quad. However, it’s easily accessible by bus (U route https://www.townofchapelhill.org/home/showpublisheddocument?id=46301 ), P2P services (Point-to-Point (P2P) - Transportation and Parking). If they have a car as they get older they can just drive there assuming they deal with parking fees.

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