UNCSA Filmmaking Class of 2024

To discuss admissions

I applied November 1st and recently discovered that the university has removed the interview process for the film program. I was also made aware that most decisions for those who applied early will be out sometime around December 13th. Just reaching out to find other applicants.

fellow applicant here! what concentration are you applying to, if any

Well actually UNCSA doesn’t let you choose concentrations this early. I attended the summer session and they told us the first year year you take courses in all the concentrations then at the beginning of second year you choose two concentrations to focus on, then at the end of second year the faculty filters people into the concentrations they believe best fit the student. Even though you have these concentrations everyone still graduates with the same degree. Bachelor in Fine Arts

i know that you can’t choose your concentration yet, just wondering what aspect of film making you’re into. also, the application asks what you’re interested in, so i was going off of that, but like i said i know about process, as i also went to the summer intensive. i’m into screenwriting more than anything but i’m also open to everything (which is why i like the broad curriculum of year one). hbu?

oh, nice! I am also open to all forms of filmmaking but Cinematography and Directing have always appealed to me the most. Did you attend the summer intensive this past summer? If so what section were you in?

Has anyone heard ANYTHING today ? For Film Uncsa 2024 Early Decision??

Have you heard anything?

I still haven’t heard anything - Im also applying for film’24

I just checked my admission portal and received my acceptance letter

I’m waitlisted- anybody have any insight on my chances at this point?

has anyone else not yet received their decision?

I received mine yesterday around 4:30. I am currently on the wait list as well.

I received mine yesterday and was also waitlisted.

I am on the waitlist as well. From what I have read on other forums from past years most people on the waitlist are top candidates still and many of us will be accepted in early February. Sometimes waitlist people aren’t accepted until May though as spots begin opening from people deciding to attend other universities. Two of my friends from the summer intensive were accepted so I have been a little upset that past few hours but hey I still have a chance of getting in.

I got rejected. I really want to go to this school and I’ll probably try applying again. It seems as though they might be full already? I don’t know if my best chance is to just be waitlisted, but I think if I ask for feedback and apply again it might be worth it.

I was wondering whose application results said they were DEFERRED and whose said they were WAITLISTED?

I checked my portal at 4:32 and got accepted. We should get in touch.

Hey, everyone, I was deferred and didn’t realize how big a difference being deferred and being on the waitlist really is. Also, I want to start a group chat for everyone to join so we can talk more frequently because this site makes communication slow. My Instagram is _isaacgoff go DM me and I’ll add you.

@Afritts congrats, do u know if there’s a Facebook group or something? Do u have an ig?