University of Pittsburgh Class of 2025 Official Discussion Thread

You do realize Pitt is a nationally known, highly rated, excellent school - so I’m not sure I understood can I get a job with a Pitt degree. I mean, you can get a job with any degree but everyone respects Pitt.


Wanted to confirm if biomedical engineers get hired to top companies from there . Have been told that being on the west coast is more helpful. That’s why I was wondering .

Hiring today is moreso over the internet. Companies have shifted to virtual and it will likely stay that way. They cover more ground. Yes, there will always be favored schools. But yes, you can get a job. Go to the right school for finances and fit - and you’ll be glad you did.

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Anyone know how Pitts Alumni networking is after graduation?

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My daughter likes Pitt but it’s still about 10K/year more and 2.5 driving hours further than UMD.

Thank you everyone for all the help/suggestion during this “crazy” college admission process and good luck to those who are still waiting for decisions.


$10K is a lot - over 40 years. And some talk about taking loans. We will not - but I noticed on one of the school emails - on the federal loans it’s like 1% points and on the ones after it’s 4%. So you borrow $10K and it’s really $9600.

Saving money should always be a key part of the decision - imho. Even for those who can afford.

To put strain on someone - who isn’t mature enough yet to understand what that will mean when they have to pay rent, for a car, food, insurance, etc. is crazy. Not saying you needed to take a loan - but going to UMD (a wonderful school) and saving $40K is quite an accomplishment.

Congrats to you.


Cost and location were part of the decision. Pitt is weight a bit higher in term of opportunities for premed, in my opinion but at the end, UMD makes more sense for us and our daughter.

Interesting fact, both UMD and Pitt ranked #58 in the US News ranking :slight_smile:

Rankings are really the bigger issue. How many kids don’t consider wonderful schools because they don’t “rate”. It’s a shame - but we are no different even though we ended up at a “lesser” ranked school - chosen over Pitt and UMD which, due to no aid, we did not visit. College of Charleston where she’s in Honors and an Intl Scholar (cohort of 12). In the end, many kids will be fine, many will not and will figure it out otherwise…it’s amazing how much time we put into this (yes, we put in a ton)…and then just like that it’s all over :slight_smile:

We’re in a similar situation. Got into UMass Amherst - we live in MA. Noting from Pitt financially and right now it’s almost impossible to visit Pitt with flights from Boston. We’d have to stay multiple days and we can’t do that with everything else going on.

Has anyone had luck applying for housing? I can’t even find the application.

It was sent to incoming students Pitt email address found @ After committing to Pitt, almost everything will be sent to the incoming student’s Pitt email. The student can edit their email profile to include additional email addresses (aka their parents) so that parents will also receive important To Do updates. GL!

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Thanks so much!!

How is cost vs. UMASS? Would it be worth driving? I know it’s a haul - but if you left in the AM, could see the area that day…school next day and get home.

If it’s a realistic choice for you, maybe worth it.

At least, Pitt was nice enough to waive the app fee (if you attended a session) - so they didn’t steal your money. And they do note merit aid is difficult.

I know it made others angry - but I feel they were fair. As consumers, we just chose elsewhere.

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UMass Amherst is more than $15,000 less. We did consider driving but it’s 9hrs and we’re just feeling it’s not worth it. It’s disappointing but a reality of the pandemic.
She also has some private school offers too where she did get merit bringing the cost into the same ballpark and we are able to get there for a visit. Pitt was coming in higher than those schools. I understand the merit process, I’m sure it’s fair but the prices of these state schools is really out of control in my opinion.

Oh yeah, $15K UMASS - or perhaps the private schools you note - it’s a no brainer.

I mean, some choose to spend more. Actually, I’m spending more. My daughter could attend Arizona or Florida State for $23-24K-ish all in but we are sending her to C of Charleston - where she’ll be in a small cohort within Honors. I think it will be $34-35K. But we nixed choices over that - because at what point, even if you can afford it, does it make sense?

UMASS is a fine school - and from everything I read, their food is great - like if I’m ever up that way, I should stop in a dining hall for dinner :). To me, that’d be important - you eat three times a day, it should be up the list.

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Son is getting ready to commit to Pitt for nursing. It is between Pitt and SDSU. We are OOS from Colorado.

that’s a no brainer - except for cold vs. warm and perhaps if money is different.

pitt’s a great school.


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Yes, the cold vs warm is a thing for him. The money may end up actually better at Pitt due to the need for a car at SDSU for clinicals and a much higher cost of living for off campus living later.

especially for nursing, pitt is the clear choice…they have a top ranked nursing program with extreme proximity to upmc

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Yes, for admitted students only, during the month of April.