University of Pittsburgh Class of 2026 Official Discussion Thread

Thanks so much for this info:) Do you happen to know how many days after the buttons was this doc loaded?

My D’s button changed!!! Has her major, term, application number, and Accept/Decline buttons!! :)!! I won’t tell her though!! Her counselor just sent her transcripts/school report yesterday, and I knew that was the only piece missing. I just checked to see…

Does anyone know what the threshold is for Guaranteed Acceptance for Law? Wondering if someone out there has the details on that. Also, any idea how many are offered the GAP for Law?

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Hi - Is anyone able to share the link to the document center? Greatly appreciate it. Thanks.


Try this []

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Son just got the buttons too! No email with info to document center . Only 2 emails so far, one from Desk Help to activate account and from Admissions with id number and thanking him for applying.

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Didnt work for me. But thanks so much for trying!!

I noticed the buttons on 9/4, but had not looked in the few days beforehand, so not sure when they first appeared. I checked the document center the same day and the letter was dated 9/3.


The website says:

  • Be in the top 10 percent of high school graduating class with a 1360 SAT (combined Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and Math ) or 30 ACT Composite score.
  • While enrolled at Pitt, maintain a 3.5 grade point average as a full-time student.

Hope that helps!

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@tumagmom @Pa22 @friendsgreenwich Will try the link provided! Do we use the same credentials we access to Upitt Passport/Portal/app? Or were you provided specific username and password to be able to view the acceptance letter? Thanks! H2P!

Yes, same credentials. You can also find the link on the FAQ on the Admissions webpage. Good luck!

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Thank you, @tumagmom

How long after buttons change does a student hear officially of their acceptance?

I would think there is still a “Congratulations” email that is sent, but she has yet to receive it so maybe not?
Just the “you have application papers in your document center” email and that came 2-3 days after buttons.

Thank you. I’m waiting for her to get the “new papers in your document center” email

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I called them earlier today and they said they would be using email only this year. No mail. So, I think you’re good!
What does the letter in the document center say?

To everyone that received an acceptance or decision letter back, can you reply with how long it took you guys to receive 1. The buttons. 2 The acceptance email.

My son got his acceptance letter just now. 3 days after buttons. He applied 9 days ago.


I applied 8/23 and all of my materials were submitted and my application was completed on 9/2 and I still haven’t heard anything back

Are all the acceptances coming through already “in-state” applicants? Also wondering what school the accepted applicants above applied to?

Hi Everyone, my D doesn’t know yet, but her Document portal has her acceptance!!! She also got the GAP for Law!! I’m very excited for her. I’ll tell her to check after band practice which is soon. No email telling her to check documents came yet. I just went to the Document center myself.

We are in-state.

She applied Sept. 1 and we sent her official scores immediately from ACT. Somewhere in there, her letters of recommendation were sent, and she did srar the day the email came, or the day after. Her counselor was only able to send the transcript on 9/9 to completeeverything. Buttons changed in the afternoon of 9/10. But the Pitt app said nothing of the GAP Law acceptance, just buttons and her scores were there.

Pitt is moving fast once they have complete applications!! Tell students interested in GAP programs to get their materials in!

Here are her stats: 32 superscored ACT with a 36 English, 34 Reading, 29 Science, and 28 Math.

GPA is 4.7 w, 3.9 uw. Major is Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, so she’s in the Dietrich School.

She did apply to the Honors College, but that gets announced for everyone March 1, I think. Merit, if any, will come later, too.

Honestly, I think it’s very, very tough to get merit these days from Pitt. Need to be tippy top with grades and scores. While a 32 is a great score, it’s not on the highest level. And I think only kids who make the Honors College cut have a chance at pure merit. I will be totally impressed if she gets into Honors College with $5,000 per year merit, which is a typical in-state award these days.

Best of luck to all!! H2P!

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I am seeing everybody submitting their complete applications after me and receiving admissions before me, that does not have a good sound for me