University of Tampa merit awards?

My D was just accepted to UT to Criminology and Criminal Justice Fall 20.
ACT score 26 - GPA 3.3 UW 3.8 W. When going on Sparta to check financial aid it is showing $0 offered. When reading about UT it says about 92% of students get some kind of help from the school. What is your experience? Did you have to work with the school or is this a final decision?


Hi Millie72 -

S just got into Tampa and his portal has lots of cost figures in it but also says $0. This just changed today so not sure if it’s an initial setup thing or $0 is $0?? He hasn’t gotten an email yet that the Fin Aid portal is up and ready so maybe we are just early. Has yours changed since your last post?

Mine was accepted on 11/11/19. Checked the portal next day and saw $6k in merit scholarship. I have no idea why? Love my kid but his GPA and test scores are average at best! I do think some of the scholarships can be major specific? Although I believe he applied undeclared!

I think that they did take an extra day to update the merit money. UT is pretty straightforward about what they’re going to give you though.

@sarawmartin , was your son’s award in line with what the UT website states his award would be (according to the link in the previous response)?

And Congrats!

Hi @sarawmartin. S did finally get his merit aid and yes it was in line with the figures they use for each of the categories. All in all, for the price and quality it’s a great choice.

My son applied EA in early Oct and hadn’t heard anything back. Does it normally take this long?

Nevermind, he was accepted today and it mentions Honors College acceptance but doesn’t say anything yet about merit. He definitely meets their published thresholds so I’ll be interested to see what might happen.

Congratulations to all!

We ended up getting a Merit award as well $10K so it is definitely a school we are seriously looking at. Congratulations to all!!

How long did it take between acceptance and merit notification? Does it come in the mail or is it listed on the portal? Thanks and Congratulations!

@LACSearch and @Millie72 , I see the $0 in the portal now. Do you remember how long it was before yours changed? I’m glad that I saw your comments prior to seeing the $0 because now I won’t tell my son until it updates.

Don’t exactly remember the time frame but based on my post dates it was about 10 days.

It was about 2 weeks.

Anyone receive a more generous award than expected?

Just heard today of D acceptance into Honors Program- no award- hope this isn’t their final decision
1460 SAT
GPA 94/100
Top 20% of class

@alogan , Congratulations and FYI, she’ll likely get at least the Presidential Scholarship ($14,000 - $16,000). My son’s stats were lower for SAT, slightly higher for GPA, and similar class rank. The merit award came a few days later (after admission/honors letter) through the financial aid portal. Good luck!

Thanks @OceanIsle - and congrats to your son- what is he majoring in?

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@alogan , he applied Undecided. We have never visited UTampa so I’m not sure what he will decide but their offer definitely puts them among his top choices so we’ll see what happens.

How about your daughter?

Biochem, she did get the presidential award, but we in same boat in that she hasn’t seen the school yet, we will try and visit in Spring (we in NY) .