URichmond EA 2024

Anyone else who applied Early Action for URichmond for the class of 2024?

Big yes. Love the school.

Son did. It was a great visit and it aligns with his planned major in Econ/Business. UR is kind of a reach for him with his stats, but the AO was positive about it and we’re hopeful.

Will we really hear late January 2020?

Yes, my son applied EA - he’s a double legacy :>)

@Interestedparty1 did you love it? Where else is your D looking?

does anyone know when the decision for EA comes out?

@efitz428 I heard Jan 25. That seems like a lifetime away.

Would be better if sooner

@GeorgiaC - sorry, just seeing this. Applied to VT, USC, and JMU in addition to UoR. He will be going to VT.

@Interestedparent1 congrats!


When will EA decisions be released?

EA was released on January 17th

Too many apps to keep track lol, forgot UofR was RD, thanks for your feedback!

haha. know what you mean. “on or around April 1”