UT Austin Class of 2025 CNS Honors Acceptances

Hey guys, I applied early in state and was accepted early December into Biochemistry. I am still awaiting my HSS decision. I got an account just to make this thread as I have not heard from anyone who has gotten into HSS yet. In the past years I know of people who got in late December but since the deadline got moved back to the 21st I am hoping that decisions are still being given out. Please let me know below if you know anything about the possible deadline or others who have gotten in after January.

We are still waiting on my daughter’s in-state non-auto admit admission for Biochemistry and CNS Honors. She applied on September 16th (so early applicant). She has high stats so I am hoping we hear something soon for her major and CNS honors.

I got into Biology in early december as well as an auto admit and am also waiting on my HSS decision. I thought most honors decisions come in March. Is this not true?

I don’t think so. Maybe most do but all I’ve heard came earlier because I know of someone that got HSS this year on December 23rd.

Any CNS acceptances yet?

Nobody I know of in person yet.

I’m waiting on Polymathic…do y’all think some will be released today and/or tomorrow along with the supposed massive wave of decisions?

Wait what do you mean, is there usually a massive wave around this time? Well I hope some are released today and tomorrow but I don’t know if Honors follows the similar Thursday and Friday notification pattern as major acceptance decisions do.

I believe that if you are a review admit and early action, you should hear decision regarding admission and honors program at the same time. I could be wrong though. Just tired of waiting in general at this point.

No that’s not true, you hear your undergrad admit early, because I heard my Biochem acceptance in early December even before the Dec. 21st deadline for CNS HSS Honors. Yea me too honestly I wish programs just had hard and fast deadlines that would make the waiting much more bearable than having to check super often.

Oh ok. Well we will just keep waiting for now

Has there been any indication of Turing decisions yet?

We have been waiting since Dec for HSS decisions. My non-auto-admit D was accepted in the first wave to Neuroscience, but no word on honors.

Anyone get accepted today?