UT Austin Class of 2028 Official Thread

As the application season for Class of 2028 has officially opened on August 1 2023, I feel it would be helpful to start a new thread, so we all can discuss the process and exchange info. My son has been working on his applications full speed. He is having a priority deadline of November 1 in mind, but targeting to apply sometimes by the end of September. We are hoping to get an admission decision as early as possible. UT Austin is his top choice and it would be great to have a piece of mind, so he can relax and enjoy his senior year.

Judging by information in last year thread, some students got their decisions before Thanksgiving holidays. Good luck, everyone! Please share your thoughts/questions/comments.


My son got his application in yesterday! Good luck to everyone!

What major is your son applying to? Mine wants to apply to engineering and still working on his essays. Great job applying early!

My son applied to engineering. Thanks! I’m glad he got his done before school starts back up.

Hi. Does anyone have any thoughts/opinions/insight on putting the new major Statistics and Data Science in the School of Natural Sciences as your second choice major, behind Computer Science as first choice? (For an auto-admit student.) I’ve seen a little online about it, that picking this new Statistics and Data Science as second choice might be a good strategy and good alternative? Might be given to some auto-admits who are denied first choice of Computer Science? Any thoughts? My daughter might put this as her second choice, or, she’s maybe going to put Plan 2. Thanks.


Plan 2 is very competitive, and Data Science is probably too, however there is not much data about it yet as it is so new. Either of them is a great choice for a second choice major. Make sure your daughter addresses both of her choices in her essays and activities section in her application. I would choose whatever fits better with her interests and ECs.


Thank you, appreciate it. Hoping, too, to get her apps in in the next few weeks!

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Does anyone know if delayed FAFSA opening date (December rather than normal October date) will affect timing of fin aid decisions during this admission season?

Son’s application was downloaded by the university on 8/15. Any idea how long before he gets an email with his portal?

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Do you mean your son did not get an access to portal yet? How do you know his application was downloaded by the university? Based on last year thread, when student submits application, UT sends an email with portal login info in a couple of business days. Then, student can check portal for any missing materials.

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He checked on Common App and it says application downloaded by university, but he hasn’t received an email from UT yet with his portal.

Probably worth calling admissions office.

Thanks! He went back and double checked Common App and it says students apply using the Common App will get it by 9/1. So he is waiting until then to contact.

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D24 will be applying to Canfield Honors program. We’re sure it’ll be hyper competitive but dont have any real framework as to the type/stats kids they accept.

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UT seems to value student’s rank the most. If SAT is below 1450, it is advised not send it and ECAs must support the first choice major. This is what I saw in the last year thread.

She’s OOS.

Currently #3 out of 230.
1550 SAT
KPMG internship this past summer.
Some volunteer/school awards but nothing major.

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My D23 is a freshman in the Nursing program at UT-Austin this year. Nursing is one of the most competitive majors at UT-Austin. Through her admissions journey, I can say that “fit to major” is extremely important at UT. Your D24’s essays will weigh heavily in the admissions process — most all applicants have competitive stats. The essays need to articulate why the major your D24 is seeking is a good fit and why UT-Austin is the best university to pursue that degree. Helps to emphasize in the resume what your D24 has done in and out of high school to prepare for the requested major. It is a stressful wait but it will work out in the end. Good luck!


My son got an email today with his portal.

Sorry didn’t mean that as a reply!

Great. I would suggest taking a snapshot of how his portal looks now. Reading last year’s thread, there may be some changes in the portal prior to a decision coming out, so you can infer what decision would be. However, it looked more like a speculation. Anyways, if the portal changes, it is good to know what exactly changed. Can you please share how your son submitted his school transcript. Did his school submit official transcript, or he just uploaded a digital copy?