Vanderbilt vs Northwestern

Hello CC! I’m a current high school senior deciding on where I’m gonna ED. I’ve narrowed it down to two schools: Vanderbilt and Northwestern. I plan on majoring in economics and would like to work in financial services (ideally in NYC) after I graduate college. Student life and “fun-factor” are very important to me. A strong econ program is also important, and I’m wondering which school has the better program. I’d really appreciate it if any current/former students at either of these two institutions would share their experiences. Also, any insight into the major differences between the two schools would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

This analysis based on faculty publishing may help you compare these schools’ economics departments: Economics rankings: US Economics Departments | IDEAS/RePEc.

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Northwestern has the better economics department, by order of magnitude. It’s also a fair bit more prestigious overall, and has more pull in finance/Wall Street. Vanderbilt is no slouch, of course, but Northwestern is consistently ranked in the “top 8” departments (don’t ask me, it’s an arbitrary distinction made by some in those circles) in the country and has international clout. For reference, it’s currently ranked #7 by US News, tied with UChicago.

Both schools have reputations for being fun and having a bit more of the traditional American college “rah-rah” culture than, say, the Ivies. But I might give Vanderbilt the edge here.


This thread contained quite a bit of info. Read it first and let me know if you have additional questions (I know both schools well). Vanderbilt vs Northwestern

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