Waitlist Discussion for Tulane c/o 2024

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So how are we going to get off the waitlist? Do we expect that Tulane will end up needing to admit more students off the waitlist this year due to COVID?

I don’t think there’s any information about Tulane. Historically, they don’t rely on the waitlist at all. Many colleges have already started activating their waitlists though, so maybe there’s a chance? However, I wouldn’t count on it.

Here’s a recent post from Jeff Schiffman on the waitlist and how COVID-19 is impacting it this year:


@u392302 I agree. Tulane rarely uses its waitlist because it has a guaranteed ED admissions program, in which people with 3.6+ (3.7+?) GPA and 1440+ SAT are guaranteed a spot with an ED contract. Many people, up to half, get admitted this way.

Tulane does not have a general guaranteed ED program. It does have a guaranteed ED for Louisiana applicants ONLY who meet particular score and gpa bars.

@pishicaca Thanks for the link to Jeff’s blog. My thoughts are I would not expect to be accepted off the waitlist, but it might, maybe, just maybe, happen for a lucky few this year.

There are so many variables about this year that didn’t come into play in previous years (except maybe Katrina):
-There are international students that can no longer come, or may not be willing to come to the U.S.
-There will be some people whose financial position has changed significantly and can no longer afford to come to Tulane, or are no longer willing to break open the piggy bank.
-There will be some people scared away by COVID and not want to send their kid too far away from home and definitely not New Orleans
-If fall goes online, there will be some people that will decide it’s not worth it and not enroll in the fall.

has anyone received any emails from tulane after being waitlisted? i read on jeff’s blog that they send out emails asking if we would like to remain waitlisted but i haven’t received any…

I called the admissions office yesterday and they told me that the next round of waitlist decisions will be sent by the end of May. Goodluck everyone!!

My brother applied to Tulane and was waitlisted. He too hasn’t gotten any emails from Tulane after being waitlisted. He just got accepted off the waitlist to Vanderbilt yesterday, and I know a bunch of other schools — Emory, Rice, Cornell, and UCLA — have all seen movement on their waitlists, which is a lot earlier than usual for all of them. Based off this, I think either Tulane will be sending out its waitlist decisions sooner than expected or since they historically haven’t relied on their waitlist, might not be planning on making many offers to people on the waitlist at all.

Has anyone heard form Tulane yet?

Does anyone know if kids on the waitlist receive the guaranteed transfer if they do not get off the waitlist?

@123daehrs I honestly doubt it. They have thousands of kids on their waitlist in a normal year and who knows how that number would look this year. I don’t think they can guarantee a spot for that many people

@emmm16 thanks I was just wondering for a friend who was waitlisted. I was offered the guaranteed transfer but was not waitlisted.

I was accepted off the waitlist in late April #2024

@boredindahouse How and where did you find out?

Congratulations @boredindahouse! That’s great news!

How were you notified?

So that morning I was given an email saying there was an update to my admissions status and i logged into the portal to check it.

One thing I can tell you that I did after I accepted my offer on the waitlist was that I really showed them that I needed to be at Tulane and that the university needed me to be there. Find a unique way to express that and I’m sure it will GREATLY help your chances as Tulane is huge on demonstrated interest.