Wake Forest ED 2024

Has any one heard their decision (feel free to share) for early decision at Wake Forest (class of 2024)? If so, how long was your waiting period?

Yes. My daughter just heard. It took about three weeks since everything was submitted. She is in!

Yes. My daughter just heard. It took about three weeks since everything was submitted. She is in!

Do you mind what state do you live in?

Also when was the letter postmarked?

Did she apply without SAT/ACT?

We are in NY. Postmark was 7/19 I believe and letter arrived 7/22. She sent in her ACT - superscore was 32.

Submitted June 5th and haven’t heard back yet. Wednesday will be eight weeks

Hi! What did the acceptance letter look like?

It was 8.5x11 with the same logos as the admissions department materials. There is a clear window with the address and you can read in the window “You did it!” Good luck!

Hi! I heard exactly four weeks after everything was in. It was an online notification (an acceptance) through the Wake portal, even though I am not international student. The envelope came in the mail a few days later.

Would u mind sharing your state and stats?

Mine had a 32 ACT (submitted) and around a 3.9 unweighted GPA. From NY.

@deacons24 did your daughter receive a notification via email that a package was coming with the decision notification?

No. Just the letter. I did look at the admissions portal after she got it and it was also posted there but I’m not sure when.

@deacons24 thanks so much for the reply! im curious to see when the portal is updated after receiving the physical letter

Thank you for your reply!

Thank you for the information! I’m curious if anything on your admissions portal indicated your application was under review before you received your letter. My daughter submitted her application two weeks ago and the last thing listed under “recent activities” is “payment received.” All the green checks are there in the checklist, but we have no idea if it’s being looked at yet or not. Thank you!

There were green checks next to everything once it had been submitted but nothing that indicated that it was officially “under review.” Good luck!

Does anyone know if the longer it takes to hear back has anything to do with a lesser chance of getting in?