Wake Forest Interview 2020 Tips

Hi! I am making this thread to help my fellow Class of 2025 people with the Wake Forest webcam interview. I had mine last week, and I was super stressed out because of what i read on here. The interview experiences however were outdated in comparison to what I experienced. I know each person will experience something different so I hope we can all add to this.

My interviewer was a recent Wake graduate, and did not ask me questions in a manner to trip me up or anything that was unusual like “What kitchen utensil I am?” The questions were pretty standard for a college interview I feel like, and it felt like a conversation not a Q&A. They talked. I talked. Expect to talk about why you want to go to the school, your high school classes/ extracurricular activities. I can’t tell you what was asked because it went off of what I said just like any other conversation. I have seen a lot of threads that say they ask about current events. We discussed one, but I brought it up first in relation to one of my extracurricular activities. If you are good at thinking on your feet, genuinely want to go to Wake Forest, and can talk about yourself… you’re in good shape! :slight_smile:

Good Luck!! p.s lmk if you have additional questions ( @hsgal83846 @vntdman7 ) here you guys go :wink:

Thanks so much, I have mine in an hour so this helped a lot!

@user35189 No problem, Hope it goes/went well! :slight_smile:

Thanks a ton for this! I’m really scared for the interview but it’s great to hear that there wasn’t anything out of the blue. All of us class of 2025 people have to look out for each other. I had a question about the current affairs thing. So if I say that I’m interested in current affairs do I have to come up with a recent event to talk about or will they just ask me something random like should I prepare to talkl about it in a non-political way because I have heard that you’ve to avoid politics for such interviews. Also did they ask you about books you’ve read? It seems like they ask a lot about books on their supplemental essays. Also how did you prepare for the interview? I know these are a lot of questions but I’m pretty nervous. Thanks again!

I was super duper nervous as well, don’t be! Just breathe. :slight_smile: We discussed BLM solely because I said I wrote an article on it. I don’t think that’s political and it kind of tied into diversity things since i’m African American. I’m not sure if you say that you are interested in them if they will ask you about something. I said i was interested in Bio + Politics and international affairs. Nothing was asked that was political however for my on the phone interview at American University in Washington DC, she asked what kind of policy and topics i was interested in which makes sense it being in DC…anyway, I really felt like it was a conversation and only at the end did he ask what book inspires me…probably because we had strayed a bit from what the questions they ask are. I didn’t prepare much because i’ve been in love with Wake for years!! I just wrote down some things about my high school and why I want to go to Wake to gather my thoughts. I definitely didn’t memorize it at all. I also dove into specific things that Wake has to offer that I might be interested in if anything was asked of that sorts! Definitely don’t stress at all. Be sure to private message me or comment again to let me know how it goes. Class of 2025 = best class !! lol good luck you got it!!

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Do any other schools offer interviews (with admissions) other than Wake?

Hey everyone! As mentioned before, I had my interview and it went super well! I did not get any abstract questions. In fact the only current event we talked about was what I was doing to make the most of my time during co-vid. My interviewer asked me a lot about my extracurriculars, so make sure to have a resumé at hand. My interviewer was also super nice, and she was a recent grad which mad her very easy to talk to. I was super nervous, but it went well! Hope this helps.

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Most schools have them for informational purposes (unlike Wake who uses them to evaluate). If you are interested in Ivy Leagues/Georgetown, I know some people in the past who had alumni interviews. I would just try looking at the websites of the schools you are interested in. I tried to do an interview at Lehigh, but they were all booked.

Yay @user35189 !!

I also just had my interview as well! My experience was amazing and my interviewer was extremely nice. The focus of the conversation was on hobbies, school, academics, and on community service. No question was really designed to trip you up. The questions that they did ask were what class in school challenged me. They asked what I was intellectually passionate about. They asked if I did any community service. They asked me if I read, and to talk about a book that was meaningful to me. They also asked why I want to go to wake. They also asked follow ups on a lot ie. if you said you like swimming they would say, “whose your favorite swimmer”. Stuff like that. it was very conversational and I had a lot of fun doing the interview. I was also very nervous beforehand, but my interviewer was nice and very personable. I hope this helped! Good luck!

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how long did the interview last??? IM SO SCARED!!! I have mine in a couple of days.

@ocean1234 Don’t be!! It was pretty conversational and easy going. It lasted probably 20-30 minutes… wasn’t paying attention because again it was super conversational :). I think the website has the exact approximations for interview length though!

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