Washington University at St. Louis Fall 2022 transfer

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HS GPA: 3.4 Current College: Westchester Community College Current College GPA: 3.96, I will have an associates degree at the end of the semester. Intended Major: Elementary Education ECs: Phi Theta Kappa member, work 30 hours a week at a preschool, and babysitting since 15 years old.

The instruction of submitting video portfolio just went away… it is only mid-march… is this a bad sign that the admission officer reviewed my app and thought this app is a piece of trash?

anyone know when decisions are coming out?

Guessing before April 30, based on last year’s results.

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is there any discord available for wustl

Do you know usually which day in the week will they release?

In 2021 and 2020, the decision dates were both on Fridays. In 2021, decisions came out on April 30 and in 2020 they came out on May 1.

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Assuming that’s the case this year, we could reasonably expect April 29 to be a potential decision date.

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I emailed the office and they said “All transfer decisions will be released at the same time by May 2nd” so maybe that Friday before or on Monday !!

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The Admission Office will release decisions on April 29.

Confirmed April 29

Does anyone have an option to schedule an appointment with their appointed counselors on the portal?

No, do you?

No I read somewhere that some people do receive it close to the result and according to past threads it seems to be a strong indicator of an acceptance.

Guess we will see it sometime tmrw ???

Yah it’s very likely…. Either ways good luck to everyone!!

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what time do we think decisions will come out?



in 30 minutes if the information is correct