What happened?

Ok…so now that you are back up and running…what happened that this site was down all day?



Must be hosted by AWS. So many down today as a result of the outage there.

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Guessing related to the AWS outage. Lots of sites impacted today


Oddly…nothing I used was affected accept this site. But agree the AWS issue probably was related.

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Amazon was a mess today.

Everything was a mess. I got up very early for a global videoconference call, and it never started. Finally someone sent a link to another platform, but there were problems there too. That was my first inkling of a systemic problem.

In fact, someone on CC who was trying to access their just released PSAT scores mentioned they couldn’t get on to the College Board website today, so I think that too was affected.

It was an extremely major failure of key portions of AWS, but it looks like it has been fixed. AFAIK, this went on for many, many hours and affected several key websites.

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I guess it was a good day to have been on the road. I hardly noticed - just once this evening. Glad it’s fixed!

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It was a good day for me to go Christmas shopping at the mall.

Yes, Amazon is messed up today. I have to file a damage report and was told to do it tomorrow.

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I hope CommonApp is not using AWS, especially on 12/31/21


Hi everyone - today was terrible. We are hosted on AWS and the service we use was one of the last ones that they recovered. We don’t have the budget to run multi-region (i.e. simultaneous west and east coast data centers), so we had to wait until the east coast AWS region came back online.

Sorry for the downtime, I wish we had a better answer - we are looking to see if there’s a way we can move regions since it seems that us-east-1 goes down more than the others.


For me, CC was up for most of the day, until the West Coast afternoon (around 2pm PST). It’s running fine now.

Good luck!