What is the matter with this site?

So both yesterday and today, I have gotten the attached screen shot for long periods of time.

Also, I have to switch to classic view every time I get to this site…when I even can.

What is going on? @CCAdminMike this screen shot is from yesterday…but I got it today too.

That is so bizarre - I haven’t seen that appear, but I will forward on to the tech team to see if they have any logs around that time. Is that 8:46PM EST?

@CCAdminMike that was yesterday and I’m not in the eastern time zone right now…so probably mountain time.

Here is today’s screen shot. As you can see…the site is working for me now (I did have to switch from card view to classic view😡 again).

Also….I thought I posted this someplace….

When I want to send a message, and I search for the username, it takes three or more tries before that user name actually gets added to the “to” box. Why?


@CCAdminMike the issues thumper and some other users are experiencing sound extremely aggravating. For what it’s worth I’m not experiencing any of them (card view, pages jumping, etc.) If you need a “control“ account to compare to let me know if I can help.

FWIW I’m using safari on iPhone and Firefox on pc. I think I’m using the “light” theme. I have adblockers on both devices (not just for this site - been using them for years because of issues on multiple sites).

Did the font change?

They are annoying because they come and go for no reason…and believe me, I’m changing nothing on my end.

Today I can’t even remember how many times I had to switch from card view to classic view…if I could even log on at all.

Please please fix this so I never have to see card view again. Is that possible. @CCAdminMike