Wofford EA Notification

My DD applies and today she checked and the web site indicated they would not get a d

Sorry accident

Decision until February. Does anyone know why it takes so long to learn of EA decisions at such a small school?

We received our EA decision on Christmas Eve in the mail.


Was that ED or EA?

It was Early Action.

@lizzo4477 was your daughter a Wofford Scholar that participated in the scholarship day?

Yes, my son is a Wofford Scholar and attended the interview day in November.

@firstborndad2015 @lizzo4477 's son was most likely notified early because her son is a Wofford Scholar. That was our experience when DS16 was a Wofford Scholar 3 years ago. DS19 also applied EA , but was not a Wofford Scholar. He has not been notified yet. Notification is supposed to be in Feb.

Carolinamom2boys, can I ask your thoughts on Wofford? Have you boys applied to any other schools such as Furman or Elon?

My DS16 and DS19 both applied. My DS16 was a Wofford Scholar. Wofford was high on his list, but was not his first choice. He also applied to Furman and participated in the scholarship day. My family actually prefers Wofford over Furman. They seemed much friendlier and inclusive to us. My oldest chose to attend The Honors College at College of Charleston. My youngest also has CofC at the top of his list.

Notifications on portal at 5:00 today.

DD is in and excited.

Congrats @firstborndad2015

In with merit.