<p>i'm trying to register for WOW but when i click the link for it I get a screen that has some tabs at the top and a background for WOW but no words...</p>

<p>That's strange...I would try closing your browser and going back on. If that doesn't work, try opening it in a different browser (for example, if you're using safari try firefox instead and see if that works) If neither of those work, you could try calling whoever's in charge and see if there is a problem.</p>

<p>same thing!</p>

<p>it didnt work on chrome. but when i tried internet explorer it worked!</p>

<p>ok thank you it worked!
but now i can't edit the part in my personal information about my gender...
it's blank.</p>

<p>My son's was blank too. I am guessing that they don't want that information. I'm sure they can tell from the names for many students. My son for sure.
Glad it worked for you and you are registered! Have a great time at WOW!</p>