Yale-NUS College Class of 2024

I’m surprised no one has created this thread so far, so here I go!
I’ve been binge-reading other years’ threads and honestly, it’s a whole emotional rollercoaster.
Best of luck to everyone!

Speaking of past threads, here’s what I’ve seen. No guarantee for accuracy tho!

For the class of 2022, 14% of 8550 students were selected for an interview, so around 1200. Out of 1200 interviewed, 500 people were offered admission, so around 40% acceptance for interviewed people! And the overall acceptance rate is 6%.

Source: class of 2023 thread

@spinachbrain211 Thank you for creating this group.

Where are you from? Did you apply to Yale Nus in the first round?

Hi! I’m from the US, applied first round. Good luck to everyone who applied

Thank you for creating this!
Does anyone have stats for admitted students? Such as average ACT/SAT range, if awards tend to be local/national/international, and GPA?
It’s so hard to find these!

Haha finally we got one! Thanks for creating the thread!

As the deadline for first round is over, and from how I’ve observed from the past cc threads, that in some year, they receives interview as early as a week before the deadline, but for some, they send out their first interview invitation in January 29. Kinda anxious about what will be happening this year!

I’m an International applicant from Taiwan and submitted my application on October (cuz I prepared since August). But since I’m not schooling in a place where SAT is offered (mainland China), I only applied with IB Pr and high school transcripts. So I might be expecting a late interview invitation (If I’m privileged to).

I’m wondering if anyone has applied in the same situation with me and got accepted???

Good luck to all the YNC Class of 2024 applicant!!! :wink:

Thanks for creating this thread!
I just submitted my application and the website says interview invites should be out within 2-4 weeks. Does anyone know if not getting an interview call means you’ve been rejected? Or are some accepted without interviews?

Also, when will financial aid forms be out?

@blrcollegekid24 Financial aid forms are only available for students shortlisted for an interview! So if you get an invitation, I suppose you would have access to them as soon as you receive the email?

And as far as I’m concerned, the interview is obligatory. Also, not getting an invitation could mean that your application could be reevaluated during the next round. However, I am not entirely sure, so if anyone has more information, please let us know!

As for me, I am from Bulgaria, applied to round 1 as well! This college is my first choice, so I am kind of anxious. How is everyone feeling? And does anyone know if we could hear back from YNC before the end of the month?

Good luck to everyone!

@maddie09 Yes I’m round one, and haha I’m complicated- Asian passport (non PR or citizen), American diploma, school located in Singapore


Here’s an article from their official website that has lots of numbers.

Among which…

75%tile math SAT = 780
75%tile reading SAT = 760
Median total SAT = 1440

This is from 2013 tho, and as far as I know, ync hasn’t posted any newer stats, so I would take these numbers with a pinch of salt…

@yich3n I personally doubt that you are going to be disqualified just because you don’t have SAT scores. As for interview invitations, I think how early/late you get them doesn’t indicate how likely you are to be accepted. However, there is a half joke half hypothesis going around that the earlier you submit ur app, the later you receive your interview invitation, and vice versa. My school was on winter break so my materials didn’t get sent till quite recently, and I got an interview invitation the day after my application was complete, so I guess I’m living proof of that statement? Hahaha…

@blrcollegekid24 , @surejen

Yes, you only get access to financial aid documents if you are shortlisted aka interviewed. It’s accessible through the portal and they also send you an extra email about it!

As for interviews v.s. acceptance, I haven’t seen anyone getting accepted (in round 1 at least) without being interviewed. No interview doesn’t equal rejected tho, you can be deferred to the next round, as @surejen said :wink:

Don’t be too anxious as of now! I saw from past years that they will keep sending interviews till roughly mid-end Feb, so we got lots of time.

It’s my first choice too :blush: Good luck to everyone and I hope we can be classmates in the fall!

@spinachbrain211 Thanks for the clarification! If I may ask, when did you submit your application?
Good luck for your interview!

@surejen Thanks for the clarification!

This is my first choice too so I’m veeery anxious.

@blrcollegekid24 No worries. Of course! I submitted my application… December 20th? Ish? Around that time!

The thing is, my school counselor said that schools usually won’t review your application until it is “complete”, meaning all your grades, scores, and recommendations have been received. So technically, my full application went in January 14, right before I created this thread actually!

@yich3n and just curious, do you speak Chinese?

@spinachbrain211 Yes, I’ve also emailed them about that, and received a positive reply, which I can just ignore that awaiting status of SAT in my portal:) Thanks for these informations as it calms me down a bit :smiley:

That hypothesis really surprised me. If that’s the case I might have to wait until mid Feb :(( (or maybe none, ahhh) I’ll share my ECs and Stats if I’ll be shortlisted!

It’s just so hard to wait when I started the application on August, submit October and have to wait until February. But worth it, and it’s definitely my first choice. Anyways thanks a lot for these! and yes I do speak Chinese haha :wink:

@yich3n 哈哈哈哈哈好巧啊我也是讲中文的 but imma keep using English so everyone can understand.

As I said, that hypothesis is kinda half-joke, so I’m not sure if any of this is accurate. But dang, if you have been waiting since October then that is really tough. Good luck though!

And yes, I think we should build some stats and profiles for the future years. They started doing it last year and I found it really helpful.

@spinachbrain211 哈哈哈哈哈Nice, feel free to add my insta: yi_ch3n if you feels like to! (Or anyone :blush: )

Definitely! Goodluck for your interview!!! (and advance congratulations :wink: )

Hi! I’m a Korean student attending an international school in Taiwan, and I have also submitted my application a while ago. I’m a little worried if my stats are too mediocre… I touched on a wide range of activities but I’m not sure if it shows my scientific abilities enough.

1st choice major: Environmental Studies / 2nd: Life sciences

SAT: 1510 (R&W 720 / Math 790)
SAT2: MathII (800) / Chem (770; oof) / Bio (760; big oof)
ㄴI also do have SAT Chinese (740) which I decided not to submit… Kinda worried because I mentioned my foreign language abilities on the essay

Weighted GPA (4.0 scale): 3.94 (transfer, different curriculum) / 4.21 / 4.49 / 4.8 (S1)
Unweighted GPA: 3.81 / 3.80 / 3.83 / 4.0 (S1)
Cumulative GPA (G10-11 weighted): 4.35

AP: Environmental Science (5) / Statistics (5) / Chem (4; oof)
Senior AP: Bio / Calc BC / Lang&composition / Psych

TOEFL: 109 (oof)
ㄴ I didn’t submit this yet. Should I?

- AP Scholar [G11] - SASMO (Singapore Asian School Math Olympiad or sth) Silver award [G9] ㄴYes it's from Singapore but does it actually count much...? Not even a great score - Honorable mentioned in Math [G10] - Honorable mentioned in Science [G10] - Honorable mentioned in Spanish [G11] - Most outstanding in Performing Arts [G11] - Honorable mentioned in MUN [G11]

Only the three honors on top was included in my common app. I don’t think I ever mentioned the other honors on my essay but I did include stuff about MUN and dancing.

- Volunteer in a local weekend Korean school [G10-11] - Internship in a chem-related lab [G11] - Math tutor (+ an attempt to establish a school-wide tutoring system) [G11] - Yearbook photographer [G11] - MUN (both as a delegate and a chair) [G9-12] - Badminton club [G10-G12] - Design Thinking (a problem-solving program in our school; leader this year) [G11-12] - School newspaper writer (in charge of science articles) [G11-12] - TA (pre-calc & chem) [G12]

I tried to weave my higher-grade activities into my major but I’m not sure if it will work out so well. Besides, I don’t excel in any of my academics. Do you think I can at least be shortlisted? Yale-NUS is my first choice to attend and the acceptance rate is drying me out…

@spinachbrain211 oh I submitted mine on the 14th too - I’m nervous now, but I guess they might take longer for international students maybe? All I can do is wait and see I guess. Thanks for the info and good luck for your interview!

@kaikys your stats seem good I guess, but since none of us here have any clue about the admissions process and are in the exact same situation as you are in, I don’t see how any of us can give you an accurate answer. I guess all you can do is wait and see. Good luck!