Yale-NUS College - Class of 2025

Trying to kickstart a thread for those who applied for Yale-NUS this year!


I did…quick question, mentioning in the yale application that you’re interested in Yale-NUS means you’ve applied right??


hi! I’m planning to apply this year as well - round 2 cycle :slight_smile:

I’ve applied early to yale and checked the box to also apply to yale-nus
and I’ve also done my yale-nus interview back in December and wrote my interest essay also in December

I got a financial aid question from Yale-NUS telling me that they’re assessing my financial aid and I made some mistakes with my tax forms, is this a good sign or not?
if yale-nus admit me, I’ll attend 100%

anyways, good luck to your Yale-NUS application! hopefully we’ll meet in the next year

Hi! Did anyone already get an interview? Do you know when is the final date for getting it?

Hi! Did you have an access to financial aid form before your interview? I have read (in past year treads) that only shortlisted applicants have the access to financial aid upload and questionary, but I got an email that I have to complete this form before any information about interviews.

Yeah I guess you have to fill that form up within 14 days of submission of the actual app if u need the aid, if u don’t then too you gotta inform the same in the form I guess :smiley:

I’m going to submit my app soon too :slight_smile:
As for the interview offer, it takes 2-4 weeks but can extend up to late Jan as I’ve seen in many cases so sit tight!

yeah I gotaccess to the financial aid form long before I was shortlisted for an interview

I got an interview, and it was pretty chill
my interviewer was nice and relaxed, she seemed to be very passionate about Yale-NUS and its inclusive community

That’s great! How did it go for you? Anything to be prepared for?

I think it went great because I knew a lot more about Yale-NUS than before and I was more convinced to attend Yale-NUS after that interview. Just be yourself really during the interview, and remember to read a lot about Yale-NUS

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Hey congrats on the interview! Which country are you from? Also which portal did you apply through and when?

hey I’m from Indonesia and I’ve applied through Yale’s Early Action CommonApp, so it’s November last year

@dontwaitlistmepleeas Ah that’s nice, how was your interview?

Hi! Is there anyone applying to round 2 here?

it went great, as I said

hello people! accepted applicant from last year here. I actually deferred and took a gap year, so I’m a '25 too. if you guys have any questions, feel free to ask me, though I think the application process this year is quite different from the past :slight_smile: good luck everyone!

That’s cool! Where are you from?