Caroline Bradley Scholarship 2020

Has anybody received final interview results?

No. So anxious. And I can’t even remember now if they said the end of August or the end of September

What type of questions did they ask?

(my interview got rescheduled)

I don’t think there were specific questions, or at least nothing that I recall. It is a conversation.

So, you haven’t been interviewed. I guess decisions aren’t coming for awhile.

Well on the official Institute for Education Blog, it states “From the Finalist pool, each year’s CDB Scholars will be selected early in September to begin working with the CDB staff to help find their optimal high school fit.”

Hope that helps!

However, I’m assuming that maybe results might be later this year due to the later deadline date.

I believe it will be out next week if not tomorrow.

When will you be interviewed?

I have kinda a weird situation that unfournatetly might end in my not being able to continue pursing the CDB scholarship. If everything is worked out, I’ll probably be interviewed in the next week.

Missweettea— I hope it all works out to be interviewed. It is very impressive that you are a finalist. Know that whatever happens, you have a bright future.

No, not yet. We are waiting for. I expect that the result is coming next week.

They did say “We will come back to you at the end of August…” right after the interview as I remembered so I expect the result will be out next week.

No news here either… has anybody heard anything yet?

Crickets here too.

received email asking for call back. so nervious to call. Anybody receive email?

Goodluck! We are all cheering for you!

Yes yay @AlphaBeta25 !! we are all cheering for you!!! please let us know how it goes!!!

So yes, my son was awarded the scholarship. I am so humbled and so very, very grateful.

@JudiAU this is amazing news!!! Congratulations!!! Your son has such a bright future ahead of him!!!