Caroline Bradley

Anyone apply to CDB scholarship this year? Reading posts seems like finalists won’t be notified until June but checking here.

I also need to get 15 posts to be able to DM :slight_smile:

My DC applied this year. Fingers crossed. The waiting part is always the worst.

Good you to you!

Best of luck to everyone who applied. We know several people who applied this year and are awaited decisions.

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Good luck to you all is well!

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Sharing link on evaluation timeline - Everything You Want to Know About the Inner Workings of the Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship - Institute for Educational Advancement. Seems early May some selections are made. I saw some other postings about semi-finalist and finalist and was curious when semi-finalists and finalists are notified, are they all in June at the same time? If you don’t get selected at all, will you get a notification?

If I remember correctly, I’ve read (on this board) that the semifinalists are announced near end of June, so July & August are interview months.

And according the the article, the winners / finalists are announced early Sept: "the new class of Scholars is announced in early September which begins the cycle of “virtually” introducing the nationwide CDB rising 8th graders to each other and learning about them as the exceptional individuals they are. "

Still a long wait ahead of us :frowning:

Edit: additionally, from what I’ve read via this board (so a subset, not sure if it’s 100% true across the board for everyone): if you get a phone call from the CDB team asking to call back and discuss “updates”, that’s usually a good sign! I assume everyone else will get email notifications? Fingers and toes crossed!!!

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I’d expect delays this year as well. All students receive an email re: semi-finalist or not. There is another email re: finalist or not. Finalists are interviewed. I assume online again this year. A phone call from is a likely a good sign.


Thanks for the replies. Seems the consensus is we won’t hear anything until June. Good luck!

Just to clarify from what I read it seems semifinalists (not sure how many) are the ones whose applications get sent for review to the selection committee from the CBD staff’s initial review, the ~50-60 finalists are the ones who are selected for interviews after their applications are reviewed by the selection committee and the winners are the ~25-30 kids selected after the interview.

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Got it - sounds like I got my terminologies wrong.

So - sounds like it’s the “finalists” who will get notified end of June to be interviewed? What about the semifinalists - do they ever know they made it that far?

From what I saw on other posts, all will get an email either saying they are semifinalist or to call back if they are finalist. The timing for the emails is not clear as it seems most got it in June but some people possibly got the email in May.

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Email re semi finalist
Email re finalist with interview signup if virtual
Email if not selected.
Email to phone them discuss may mean acceptance.

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Thanks, seems like we should hear something by early to mid June.

Interestingly, we got a letter from a summer camp at McCallie, they said they are sending to CBD applicants. They are offering a full scholarship to the camp for CBD applicants. Unfortunately, our S can’t attend but thought I would share here.

Interesting. That is new.

It seems the camp at the McCallie school is for boys, not sure if it is an all boys school but that could be why some may have not received it.

Just got an email - my DC did not make it to the semifinalist round. :frowning:

I’m surprised the notification came so early in the month! Anyone else got notified also?

Good luck to those who made it!!!

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Sorry to hear that. It has to be disappointing after all the work your child put into it. Our S has received an email to call Bonnie and Mallory but haven’t had a chance to call yet.

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Good luck to your son!