CC slowness on IPAD

Anyone know why pages are so slow to load using an IPAD?
I’ve tried turning it off and on, and clearing web history, along with logging in and out of CC. It take MAY seconds (maybe a minute) for anything to happen when on CC. No other web pages I go to have this issue.

I’ve had the same issues. Also rebooted my router…no change.

I was hoping someone would ask. On an iPhone I have to push the back and forward arrows to get it to load page by page. It’s awful.

@CCadminSorin @CCadminJon

I am having the same problem. I figured out that after I click on a page, the line starts going across the top like the page is loading and then stops, then I click the X and the page just loads. I’m not sure why, but it works for me.


@me29034 you are literally a genius. How you figured that out I’ll never know but I’m very grateful.

Thanks for flagging, guys! I’ll create an internal ticket for the tech team to look into the issue.

I am having the same problem on both my iphone and my ipad (recent models). Sometimes hitting the x helps, sometimes not and changing threads starts the whole process all over again. It has been a problem for at least a week. Would be most grateful for a fix and appreciate the responses. Thank you.

The tech team got back and they’re asking for some details in order to replicate the issue. Can you please let me know what device, OS version, and browser you’re using when the issue happens? Thanks a lot!

I’m on an iPad using the 13.5.1 OS version of safari. Interestingly the loading problem varies for me depending on which WiFi service provider I use. My xfinity WiFi works well but my Verizon WiFi has loading issues.

I phone 8s. Latest iOS version and upgrades automatically.

The x process works most of the time.

It’s like it gets locked navigating to a thread or back to latest posts after loading 95 percent of the way and freezes. Is the best way to describe.

If you hit the back button and forward a few times it will load. But then you have to do this every time you navigate.

That’s the best way I can explain.

On an iPad with iOS 13.5.1 using safari.

Perhaps it may help to try a different browser, or ad blocking extensions on/off?

Thanks for the feedback, guys! I passed it on to the tech team.

Newest version of ipad. Software version seems to be 13.5.1
Still very slow today.


Still having the issue. Any idea what’s causing it?

Do you have Verizon by chance?

@vpa2019, yes I have Verizon.

I have trouble when I use my Verizon WiFi but not xfinity WiFi. Wonder if it’s a Verizon issue.

I am also having the same problem - Ipad, IOS 13.5.1. I have Verizon at home but a different provider at our beach house and it happens with both providers.