Choate Head’s Scholar?

Does anyone know what this is? My child was just accepted as a Head’s Scholar at Choate. Is that what they call all incoming kids or does it have a particular meaning?

From the school’s website:

I got accepted but not as a Head’s Scholar…just looked it up and it’s some sort of scholarship. Congrats to your kid, that’s awesome!

I can send you the link if you’d like, BTW

Congrats!!! We’re all excited for you and your success!

Also, I have a quick question. @Nachthexen567 Did boarding schools exempt people who already have scholarships from receiving scholarships from the school? I know that sounds like a really dumb question. Haha its probably not important lol.

@oli_fuzzypanda I have no idea! I would make a new thread and ask, since I guess it differs from school to school.

Thank you for the link and to everyone for the kind thoughts!

Hi! Current Choate student here. A Choate Headmasters Scholar is really impressive. Not all kids get it. It is essentially to attract some of the top students in the applicant pool that year. Good luck!

Do you have more information about the Head’s Scholar program at Choate? Does it cover tuition? What are the perks?

@chemsider Here’s a list of current scholarship programs offered by Choate. It also explains everything in more detail, including the Head’s Scholar Program.