Furman Class of 2024

I am an ED applicant and I just received an email saying that my admissions decision is being posted tomorrow at 5pm. Who else applied ED?

My daughter applied ED and was accepted. She intends to enroll as a nueropshycology major and flute performance minor.

Congrats @Bandmama2! Now anxiously anticipating financial aid notification on December 15th.

Congrats to you, too! We are also anxiously awaiting word on financial aid. Just based on your screen name, will you do music at all at Furman? My daughter will be minoring in flute performance, but also auditioning for their choral ensembles.

@Bandmama2 I sing as a hobby. I am actually interested in majoring in business administration and management.

I was also awarded a $23k Bell Tower Scholarship! I was not named as a Furman Scholar in my junior year. I am going to post my stats to help future prospective students discern the amount of money they could possibly receive:
4.0 UW GPA
1370 SS SAT
4/80 rank

I would be interested to see other students’ scholarship offers with stats.

My DD was a Furman Scholar and received a $25K Bell Tower Scholarship. Hoping for a supplemental music scholarship and an invite for the larger awards in February.

4.0 UW/4.2 W GPA
32 ACT/ 33 Superscored
42/480 rank

The admissions office said they are rolling out EA decisions as of now. Has anyone heard anything yet?

I just checked my portal and nothing has been updated for my EA app.

My daughter did the first round of ED, and they held pretty closely to the date listed on the admissions website. Her decision got released a few days early due to the school closing for the holidays. She got an email the night before the decisions were going to be released telling her exactly what time the next day they would go live in the portal. Hers went live at 5pm almost on the dot! They also updated their Furman Admissions instagram page that decisions were being released. Good luck to all of you waiting!

Not sure how helpful this will be as my daughter is a freshman now at Furman.
4.0/5.2 GPA
34 ACT

Last year they did hold interview weekends for Hollingsworth/Townes. She got the instate Hollingsworth. I believe her interview was in February and we heard beginning April.

Good luck everybody.

Good to know! I wondered about that since I’ve seen other people post about interviews for those. She was told they weren’t requiring an interview, but maybe it depends on how many people are being considered or changes year to year. She is on pins and needles waiting to see if she gets an invite.

My daughter’s stats in case it helps someone else since she received an early decision in November.

4.0/4.3 GPA
33 ACT
Furman Scholar (Junior Year of HS)
Awarded $25K Belltower

I don’t know anything about the Townes as we are Hollingsworth instate, but I know that one of the stipulations given to the college by Mr. Hollingsworth was that scholarships had to be spread around a lot of counties in S.C.
if you go to the Riley institute website, link on the Furman scholarship page and click Advantage scholars, you can see how many they gave out, and where they’re all from.

Just received an email that EA decisions will be posted in the portal at 5pm today! Good luck to everyone who is still awaiting a decision.

Got an email the Furman is posting decisions at 5! O we hear typically on the same day as decisions about invitations to the bigger scholarships?

Are Belltower awards noted with acceptance?

It is possible you might hear, but usually the acceptance letters say that financial aid/scholarship info will come about a week or so later.

My daughter’s was not. Her acceptance letter said she would get that info separately. She got notification about her Belltower amount about two weeks after her acceptance.

Last year on my daughters acceptance letter, it did say she was a Bell Tower recipient. I know the dates are different this year because Furman made dates later but if this helps…

Acceptance letter came Dec 19
Feb 8th received a small Fedex envelope. Inside was invitation to interview for scholarship. Envelope had “Scholarship interview event” on it. The flyer inside was printed as Hollingsworth, so students know if they’re going for the Duke or Hollingsworth/Townes.
Scholarship weekend was March 17-18.
Letter dated April 5th saying she got Hollingsworth.

I’m guessing this year with no interviews for Hollingsworth/Townes, they might include that in first acceptance letter, or leave that as Bell, and send letter later? Also guessing the Duke one will be sent Fedex.

Good luck all, it’s almost 5pm.

My daughter’s ED acceptance stated she would receive a Belltower, but didn’t list the amount. That letter came about two weeks later. It also stated in her acceptance letter than notification of other scholarship invitations would be sent in February. It might be different those getting acceptances today since invitations for higher scholarships go out soon. I’m interested to see if anyone who hears from EA today gets those invites in their acceptance letters.

Good luck everyone! I know my child was giddy and nervous as we waited for 5pm!

my daughter did get accepted but they did not release what kind of scholarship offer is coming with it. She is a Furman Scholar.