Hofstra EA Class of 2024

Hello! I thought I’d start a thread for Hofstra Applicants for Early Action 1.

I’m so glad I found this hidden gem to apply to! Hofstra has some super unique programs like the Linguistics → Forensic Linguistics dual degree program that I’m applying to.

Anyways, here are my stats:
GPA 4.2 weighted, 3.7 unweighted
ACT 28
7th in my class

Does anybody know when we are expected to hear? For select candidate and EA?

December 15. I asked a admissions counselor a few days ago.

Okay thanks :slight_smile:

Late to the party. Whoops.

SAT - 1310
GPA - 97.99 weighted (school doesn’t use 4.0 and unweighted)
In state
Pretty good ECs, I think good essays and LORs.

Good luck!!

Waiting as well.
My son applied EA for Comp Sci.

Do we think they are actually coming out on Sunday, Dec 15th? Fingers crossed they release them on Friday.

My D20 is anxiously waiting.

From what I’ve learned in conducting searches on this site, Hofstra has provided Acceptance updates on Thursday or Friday of this week, as December 15th is a Sunday.

And coincidentally, just got an email at 3:06pm today (12/10) from Hofstra telling us to keep an eye on our mailbox starting this weekend and that we’d be getting a text on Friday.

Just got a text saying, “'Tis the season for college acceptances. Hofstra folks are busy putting the final touches on your letter. We’ll send you a text on Friday with some good news.”

Same here. Sounds super positive. Fingers crossed for everyone.

Same here! Good luck to everyone!

Portal updated at 5:00am on 12/13. Good luck to everyone!

@EconPop same. Congrats!

Same! Congrats @EconPop and @DouglasMH3363 !

“We hope you are enjoying your first days at Hofstra University! Feel free to click around your student portal account and learn more about My.Hofstra.edu.”

No actual “official” acceptance yet - from reading past threads, I think that comes later today, right? Or is there somewhere I need to click to see?

I logged into the Hofstra Portal where we’ve been checking the application status, and it says, “CONGRATULATIONS (first name of child) - YOU’RE IN!”.  I don’t think my kid even knows yet. They should be sending a text some time today, I’m guessing after school.  By the way, the portal’s address is https://login.hofstra.edu/cas-web/login?service=https%3A%2F%2Fmy.hofstra.edu%2Fc%2Fportal%2Flogin. Good luck to everyone!

@Orcus2020 There is a place on the portal that TheDaddy posted a link to that under “YOU’RE IN!” to secure your spot. Congrats everyone!

Can confirm - just checked the portal; I got in! My first decision. :smiley:

I got in too! I think I’m going to commit tbh. But, why would they come out today instead of Monday? Does anyone know?

I got a letter in the mail today with a lot of information too.