How to post a "Help Me Decide" College A vs College B Thread

Now that you have all your decisions, you want help deciding? Here’s how to post on CC and get the best responses:

  1. Include the school names in the title. For example:

UCSB vs Bryn Mawr vs Scripps vs Stony Brook

  1. Tag the thread with help-me-decide and post in the College Search & Selection category. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART

  2. Include enough information for others to help. For each school

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Costs and any aid
  • Any special considerations
  • Intended Major

Anything else that should be included? This post is a wiki, so feel free to edit!

This also follows Reddit’s model pretty closely so feel free to post there also.


Have tons of advice to dispense? :wink: Click the link below to see a list of all posts tagged with help-me-decide

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Expanding on this:

  • Regarding costs:
    • It is best to indicate the net price after subtracting grants and scholarships from the list price for each school.
    • If there are any merit scholarships involved, indicate what college GPA is needed to renew them, if known.
    • Also indicate what you and your parents can afford to pay before loans and part time work as a student.
  • Regarding intended major:
    • If certain about major, include it in the thread title (e.g. “CollegeX, CollegeY, College Z for computer science”).
    • Also indicate what major or division you were admitted to at the school, if the school makes that distinction at admission.
    • If undecided, indicate what possible majors you may consider (e.g. “something in humanities”, “math or music”, etc.).
    • If known, indicate any goals for post-graduation (e.g. (type of) employment, PhD program, professional school like MD, JD, MBA, …).

It really helps having the names in the title. Thanks for doing this.


Another suggestion for info to include:

If you have one, your 529 balance

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Knowing about the information helped me a lot