"Profile" confusion

Hi, I’m pretty new on here and I’ve been trying to search everywhere for an explanation to all of the details on my/other people’s profile. However, I can’t really find answers anywhere, and I dont see a FAQ anywhere. So:

-How do you get points?
-What are “visits”?
-Member levels?
-What are “Promotes”?


Hi there…welcome! Points occur when other members click “Like” or “Helpful” on your posts. Visits simply refer to visit sessions (which typically end when you leave the site or are inactive for 20 minutes). So, if you visit the site, leave for the day, then come back later that night, you’d have two visits. Visits continue to increment from the day you joined (or, if you joined before the software update in January of this year, they’d increment from the day of the update). Member levels refer to “New Member”, “Junior Member”, etc., and are simply a reflection of the number of posts you have. I’d have to check again for the number of posts for each level. Lastly, you can “Promote” a post that you feel is extremely helpful, and it may end up on the “Best Of” link on the top left if others also promote it. Notice I said “may”. Admittedly, this feature is not used all that much, and it requires some intervention from the mod team as well.

Hope that brought more answers than questions :slight_smile:

@lenitus Thank you so much! Yes that was very helpful thank you so much!!

You are welcome!

I don’t see a promote button anywhere… never seen one. How do you “promote”?

@romanigypsyeyes, the “Promote” button should be next to the Flag one. Second from the left between “Flag” and “Like.” Hope this helps!

Nothing is between flag and like on your post in #5.

I’ve wondered this too. I don’t have a “Promote” button either. I have: Flag - Like - Helpful - Facebook

Oh, I do see the button. I will check with the tech team to see if we can make that visible for everyone. Thanks!

<a href=“https://www.evernote.com/shard/s526/sh/1cb653fe-7130-40ab-b8aa-61f7fe646125/75b44173c350da0e6099678731f3e755/res/8a4e25de-ae05-4681-8b40-cb67f1c53810/1719725-profile-confusion.html.jpg?resizeSmall&width=832[/img]”>https://www.evernote.com/shard/s526/sh/1cb653fe-7130-40ab-b8aa-61f7fe646125/75b44173c350da0e6099678731f3e755/res/8a4e25de-ae05-4681-8b40-cb67f1c53810/1719725-profile-confusion.html.jpg?resizeSmall&width=832


How it looks to us

No “promote” button here either.

And on an IPhone…no flag button either!