SDSU Waitlist

Looking to see if anyone recently been given admission off the waitlist at SDSU

My daughter got admitted off the waitlist yesterday, 6/12. She ended up declining because she got accepted to UCSB off of an appeal 2 weeks ago.

My daughter just got accepted off the waitlist, Liberal Studies major. She won’t be accepting because she’s set on Cal Poly SLO. But just wanted to pass along in case anyone else is curious about waitlist movement. It seems like the SDSU waitlist decisions are taking the longest. Good luck everyone!

My son was accepted off the waitlist yesterday, Friday, June 19, for Electrical Engineering. He will also be attending Cal Poly SLO and passing on SDSU. Best to all!

On Monday (July 20th), my son received an email from SDSU stating that they are unable to offer him admission (from the wait list) because all enrollment spaces have been filled.

This change in status has not been updated in his portal (as of Thursday afternoon).