St. Olaf ED/RD Class of 2024 Thread!

There is no thread up for St. Olaf C/O 2024 yet so I thought I would start one! Good luck with admissions everyone and share news/ask questions here!

Does anyone know when RD decisions come out?

“On or about March 15”

Checking in from the DC metro area. In the past, music audition applications came out this week, and Buntrock invites, plus some Presidential Scholars, came out the first week of February (because Buntrock Scholars need to arrange be on campus for interviews in late Feb/ early March).

My kid applied to 9 schools. In at 2 EA with scholarships. Deferred one. Waiting on 6 RD. But St. Olaf, Oberlin and maybe Mac are his top tier (he wants music and science). He has the stats (1520 SAT, nationally known public STEM magnet) for a USNWR higher ranked school. But he just loved St. Olaf— perfect fit. And it is getting amazing word of mouth among alums in his school. And after visiting I understand why. It’s a special place. If he gets a Buntrock, I think there is an 80% chance he’s an Ole.

So fingers crossed and good luck to all. May everyone get good news—- hopefully with the first wave beginning in the next 10 days.

@NOVA2024 can someone explain the buntrock invite please? I am very confused

Buntrock is the top merit scholarship at St. Olaf’s. $25,000 a year, stackable with service leadership or music/drama up to half tuition. In the past, at least, finalists were required to come to campus on one of two weekends to interview in February/ March. Apparently, if your kid shows up and attend the weekend, they get the Buntrock unless there is a real problem.

Here’s last year’s thread.

Last year, Buntrock finalists were notified 2/1. Music and theater scholarship students were notified a few days earlier, because they are also expected to audition on campus. It appeared that last year, some of the other upper level merit aid scholars, like at least some of the Presidential ($23,000) were notified on 2/1 to 2/3 also. Probably because they just missed Buntrock finalist status.

So, the high stats applicants may get acceptances and merit notifications and possibly invites to Buntrock weekend Friday 1/31
or Monday 2/4.

Again, good luck to all.

@nova2024. Best of luck to your son. We looked at a lot of midwestern LACs a few year ago with my oldest, who was also looking for at colleges with active performing arts programs. I thought St Olaf was a really special place with a genuinely kind student body, professors, and staff. The personal attention during our campus visit was exceptional.

@NOVA2024 is it a fly in program or do we have to pay for travel costs?

Once again, basing off of last year, your kid gets up to $500 to pay for travel. They can come alone, or you can come. But you pay your own airfare.

@NOVA2024 thank you!

Who applied ED2?

do we have to ask for the reimbursement or do they send an email?
i just booked my flight for february!

Does that mean music invites are out? Or Buntrock is out?

@musicchoir decisions are out??

My daughter applied ED1 and received her Buntrock weekend invitation with her acceptance on 12/11.

musicchoir, is that the case for you too?

no, this was for music auditions not buntrock

Anyone got ED2 decisions yet? How do they come, email, snail mail? Do they include financial packages at time of notification?

For ED1, my daughter received an email and then information was in her portal: Buntrock invitation and music scholarship amount. A letter with the same information arrived in the mail a few days later.


Do anyone know when the ED2 decisions would be released??