The University of Tampa Early Action/Rolling for Fall 2023 Admission

I can understand why he would want to leave for college with his friends. I have not heard of a school admitting for the spring. Is it possible for him to reapply under a different major or undecided? My niece got waitlisted for nursing from another university and reapplied via email under psychology, and was accepted 2 days later. Penn State allows this too. Maybe it is a common thing to do. I am new to this process. And my son did early decision and hasn’t even heard yet (got deferred to regular decision), so don’t beat yourselves up for not doing ED. good luck to you and your son.


Does anyone know how much Tampa is a year? W/o any scholarship $. You can include all fees,
R& B etc. TYIA

On the scholarship page they say $23,790 a semester so $47,000 approximately.

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Thank you

My daughter heard today that she was also accepted for Spring 2024 and waitlisted for Fall 2023. She applied to Tampa in December because she hadn’t really looked at the school until a friend told her about it. Then she fell in love with it. She as a 4.5 W/3.7 UW GPA, test optional, 4 AP 4 dual enrollment.

Does anyone know how many people they accepted off of the waitlist last year?

I don’t know if Tampa has this years Common Data Sheet available, but they include waitlist information on there including how many come of the wait list.

Sorry it is Common Data Set; not sheet.

My daughter just received an e-mail this morning that she is accepted for Fall 2023 when last week they had sent her an e-mail that she was accepted for Spring 2024 and waitlisted for Fall 2023. She is extremely excited! She’s applying for housing today.


Did she reach out after being waitlisted or just wait for the college to contact her ?

Anyone else still waiting on a decision- Initial decision from fasttrack application was deferred to regular decision. Haven’t heard anything since December 20. Crazy long wait for this school.

I am not sure about fast track but my son did RD and got notified in early March.

Honestly I would reach out to their counselor.

I already reached out and receive no response from the counselor at UTampa. My parents just received an email stating March 31 so I guess another 8 days. Will just add it to the 6 other schools I am still waiting on.

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Well I do know quite a few (including my son) in early March got in for Spring 2024 and waitlisted Fall 2023 due to the University taking so many applicants from Early Decision. Good Luck!

Have you checked your portal? My son’s counselor changed. Not sure if she left or they just changed him.

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Yes we have checked the portal regularly. Finally received a response that a decision would post on or by the 31st, so rather generic. Seems like I am one of the few still awaiting a decision.