UNC Charlotte - Class of 2025 Admissions

Has anyone received a decision yet? I’m seeing that last year, those applying early started getting decisions in late October.

@stlurgrl welcome to the waiting game. My DD is actually in the class of 2024 and is at UNCW this semester, however, is waiting a decision from UNCC to transfer this Spring. With that being said, last year at this time we were in the waiting game w/ UNCC. My DD applied mid September last year and did not receive her acceptance until mid January. While some were fortunate to receive theirs November, December. As a transfer my DD recently applied on 9/30/20 and we are still waiting a decision all over again. Good luck to you!

@ljasnau do you mind me asking why your DD is transferring from UNCW to UNCC? I applied to both and it would be a tough decision if it came down to going to one or the other.

@stlurgrl UNCW is 3.5 hours away from home. She went there and didn’t know anyone. My DD is quite the introvert. Her roommate situation did not work out well. She was on campus 2 weeks and her roommate tested positive for COVID, my dd was sent home to quarantine and when she returned to campus the school made the decision to let kids come home to finish out the semester or move to single rooms. My dd decided to come home. So she was only on campus a total of 3 weeks. Had she stayed most likely she would have made some friends and been ok. However, due to COVID it was difficult because no clubs or activities going on, no visitors allowed, it was tough to meet people. She has friends and her boyfriend goes to UNCC so she feels more comfortable knowing that she will know some people. She really likes the beach and that is what drew her into UNCW, it’s a beautiful campus and had it not been this year, she may have been ok. UNCC is only a little over an hour from home and has everything she wants besides the beach:)

My daughter applied for an incoming Freshman several weeks ago and is waiting to hear back. The last update she has on the portal says they got her ACT scores.

Has anyone heard anything/had their portal changed to decisioned?

Nothing here. My son and a good friend of his applied 10/29 and neither of them have heard anything yet.

My status just changed to " Received-Decisioned" . Anybody else see a status change and when do you think we will be able to see our decision?

Nothing here, do you mind me asking when you applied?

I think it was around mid-Sep

Status change here too! Applied 10/3.

For those with a status change to decisioned, do you see the decision on the site? My son’s status changed today to decisioned, but there is not link to the decision on the portal. It just says a letter is on the way.

@Pippa0514 Same here.

No, mine just says decisioned. No link either. From last years admission threads it usually took about 4 days after the status change to get a letter. Good luck!

Check your portals. My decision came in yesterday. Accepted!

My acceptance letter arrived on Monday!

Congratulations to you both!

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I applied for early action around early October and today when I went to check my portal I saw a notification that said “UNC Charlotte Supplemental Application Submitted” dated 11/21/20, what does this mean?

Those of you who got acceptances - Are you in-state or OOS?

I am in state, wake county

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