UNC Charlotte - Class of 2025 Admissions

Hey I was wondering if anybody who applied regular decision (or around February 1st) received and admission update yet? I’m not sure if the people who are getting in applied earlier, or were maybe deferred, but I applied February 2nd and I’ve yet to receive anything… thank you for whoever replies I’m just curious!

Congratulations! Did they update your portal or did you get a letter in the mail?

I was deferred but got accepted maybe 2-3 days ago!

Thank you! They updated my portal.

Have heard anything yet

No nothing yet…still waiting.

How long did it take to update your portal when you knew it was decisioned?

So this morning, my daughter’s portal changed. The option to view her decision letter (from when she was deferred) is no longer there. I wonder if that means an update is coming.

There is now a box that says submit your intent to enroll in her portal. No official decision but I’d say that’s a good sign. She also has a link about an important information about her major and it said she has been admitted to the Department of Biological sciences.

That sounds like good news!

I got the same thing I’m pretty sure we’ve been accepted! Congratulations!!

Congrats to you too!

Yes,mine got accepted too

were you deferred or regular admission?


My portal updated last night to decisioned… I apply regular decision if I got in when exactly would I know?

You will most likely see your portal update with a link that says “View Admission Decision” in a few days.

Checked my portal today… it doesn’t have any udates yet but at the bottom of my to-do list it says “Apply to UNC Charlotte” does that mean I didn’t get in?

Once you see the “Received - Decisioned” status, it takes a couple of days until you see the “View Admission Decision” link. In the link there should be a PDF of a letter.