UNC EA 2025

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all staying safe. I figured I’d start this thread early, just because it looks like no one else has.

I am an instate senior and applied to UNC EA by the Oct 15 deadline. Feel free to share anything you’d like about yourselves-- this is a long wait, but hopefully a worthy one!


HI! In state senior as well. I am a long shot though. 3.8/4.1 gpa. Still gotta hope though.

@Whtcollegenow What county are you in? :slight_smile: That is not a super low GPA for most counties imo, but of course I’m not admissions.

@HopefullyUNC2025 Hi again! What’s up!! I hope you had a safe summer and your application went well!

Hi everyone! I’m an instate senior from Wake and UNC is my top choice :slight_smile: I also applied to Morehead-cain & Honors Carolina

Instate senior, 4.0/4.69 GPA, 36 ACT

Should be good, but hoping for a scholarship or 2…

Did anyone apply for the study abroad program in Ireland, Spain, or Scotland?

Hi @dancer7381! Welcome! I also applied for HC, but not Morehead-Cain-- I don’t have any physical vigor to speak of lol.

@def3nestration Good luck!! You are in a great spot!

@HopefullyUNC2025 I’m considering changing my status as an applicant to those programs before that deadline. I initially said no due to COVID, but I suppose it can’t hurt because who knows what will happen.

Just to contextualize me (but I don’t need chance me’s): I’m an Orange County resident who goes to school in Durham, 4.66 W/4.0 UW, 34 ACT. ECs are decent, no national awards but leadership and gov school. I fear my common app essay was meh but I felt good about my supplements.

Let’s just say I’m glad I’m not OOS and I hope the in-state advantage helps me! Lol

I applied in State with 4.22W/3.68UW so its a reach. I am taking college classes though and I go to a rigorous triangle area school so I am hoping that can help me out. Good luck to everyone!!!

Kiddo is OOS
4.4 W/3.8 UW (4.0 since sophomore year)
Will graduate with his Associates
35 ACT (36 superscore)
Solid ECS/Volunteering/Research Intern

Good luck to everyone!!!

Good luck everyone! HS senior here from Wake county. My two top Choices are UNC and NC State. 3.9UW/4.4W.

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4.0 UW (10 AP classes)
35 ACT (one sitting)
lots of leadership, athletics, volunteering

OOS seems like such a crapshoot. Good luck to all!

My Son is a out of state senior who applied to UNC EA.
3.89 UW
l0+ AP classes
1550 SAT
Several Volunteering activities

All the best to everyone!

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Ugh! I’m in Wake.

Has anyone received their UNC portal link yet? NC State already sent theirs out.

@Testoptional Yes, I received mine a while ago, before NC State.

@dancer7381 Thanks so much! My son had been searching his email using “UNC” and “portal,” but those terms weren’t used in the email. He finally found it.


EA applications up 10%

OSS - WGPA - 4.6; GPA 4.0, SAT 1450; ton of APs, honors, etc

My son applied OOS. My daughter applied OOS 2 years ago as well but was accepted to another school ED so never found out her decision. Do they really wait until the end of January to release EA decisions? So late, considering they had such an early deadline!! :frowning:

They do! It’s normally been the last Friday in January, but last year it was January 24th instead of Friday, January 31st…hoping for Jan 22 this year but fully expecting to have to wait until Jan 29!