University of Utah Early Action for Fall 2022 Admission

University of Utah offers Early Action for freshman admissions.

The Early Action (EA) deadline for Fall 2022 admission at University of Utah is December 1.

For more information visit the University of Utah page on College Confidential.

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Anyone else receive their acceptance folder early? My son received his on Monday (1/10). I haven’t seen anyone else post that they got their folder in the mail.

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The admissions facebook page has a video of their staff putting together folders on Jan 8th to mail out. Maybe some have already received the mail, depending on USPS delivery timelines.

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Just checked the mail and we received an envelope. Website not updated/status unchanged. Waiting for D to come home to open.


Yes, nice acceptance package received in the mail today. No mention of merit but I believe I remember seeing that it comes later. Anyone know when to expect that, and how it’s delivered?

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It comes mid-February, I believe. Congrats.


Last year they struggled with getting the merit awards out and pushed the date back a few times. I think it was early to mid march. Way to late, so I hope they do better this year.

A couple other things I remember…

They gave a ton of kids WUE last year. Your kid can also meet the requirements for instate residency after the first year if you don’t take WUE. OOS the first year and instate the next 3 years equals the same $ as WUE.

One nice change last year was being allowed to take a non-WUE merit award, gain instate after freshman year, and then get the instate version of the merit award for the next 3 years. My D has the Presidents scholarship, and school will be crazy cheap next year.

Pay attention to the GPA requirements for the different scholarships.

ETA: I don’t know the details, but they give instate tuition to all veterans. Sounds like you simply fill out a form.


Same for me. It says that my status will be changed online on January 15

Just found this on their website:


Anyone know what time decisions will be released today?

My daughters was there first this this morning. I suggest you look now.

Does anyone know if Honors college decisions are on the portal?

Not sure if they are on the portal but my daughter did get an honors acceptance in the mail with her acceptance packet.

I didn’t see it in the portal, but my son did get one in the mail.

Thank you for that information. Just curious, was the honors acceptance mentioned IN the acceptance letter? My son got an acceptance packet but no mention of an honors acceptance. Oh well. Congrats to your daughter!

My son’s Honors acceptance was in the folder on a separate sheet of paper.


Thank you! Same as Paleo- my daughter received a package in the mail that included an acceptance letter and a separate letter of acceptance/invite to the honors college. She said the portal just says “accepted.”

I have looked for the GPA requirements for the merit but cannot find it. Can you share a link to it?

There isn’t a public list of merit levels like at Arizona. But for anything other than WUE you should assume that very close to a 4.0 UW (at least 3.96-3.99 and preferably 4.0) is required, then the various levels depend on course rigor (pre-COVID it was determined by ACT score and the cutoff was around 31 and 33-34 for highest OOS merit). The highest level of scholarship will need full IB or an equivalent number of APs. Cutoffs have generally been a bit lower for in-state students, although perfect GPAs are strongly desired.

Although the Eccles scholarship is still mentioned on the website, and has a holistic interview process (on top of requiring high academics) most if not all of these scholarships now go to instate students.

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