University of Washington Seattle Waitlist 2024

Hey! I’ve been looking around for a waitlist thread for UW 2024 ever since I got waitlisted. Couldn’t find one so thought I’d make one!

It will be interesting to see how corona affects the waitlist this year. More people committing to UW, less people? And will the admissions committee even want to meet?

It’s hard to tell what the trend is on waitlist. Last year UW waitlisted 7775 applicants, 3040 (39%) accepted a spot on waitlist and 2394 (79%)were admitted. In the preceding 4 years zero applicants were waitlisted/accepted.
I read that many students are re-considering college choices and staying near home was top reason. That could increase yield and lower waitlist acceptances.

Does anybody know the criteria for being accepted off of the waitlist for UofW? With all the high schools closed now…it could be difficult to send a current transcript? Any help would be appreciated?

Just got accepted off the waitlist tonight. Did not send anything and expected to get decision much later in May. I am OOS, California. GL to everyone else!

Got accepted off of waitlist too. Out state applicant from Hawaii. Good luck everyone!

Did anyone else who is oos not get off waitlist? I didn’t and now I’m kinda worried… idk but then again it is probably a good sign for us waitlisted if they are admitting this early.

My son just got accepted OOS.!

S got off the waitlist last night. OOS from CA.

S did not get off the waitlist last night :frowning: oos CA

Hi guys! My friend got accepted last night to UW off their waitlist. I got on it about two weeks after she did. Do you think this affects my chances of being accepted?

Just got off the waitlist (OOS). Really excited!! Good luck to everyone

wow. seems like UW is accepting off the waitlist quite early. congrats

Got off the waitlist today!!! Let’s go guys!!

So if UW is already getting people off the waitlist from out of state how about in-state people (like me) when are we gonna know? I hope to know before May 1st.

UW is managing it’s out of state yield. 11% out of state yield vs 60% in state. so they must be seeing OOS declines and using waitlist to offset.
Students may be choosing to stay closer to home.

@lovesandhugs same! I’m slightly worried but happy for all of you who got in!1

@everyone who got off the waitlist
did you get an email or did you just check your portal

D accepted off waitlist (OOS California). Good luck to all!

Just got off the waitlist today as well (oos)! Congratulations to everyone else who got off the waitlist! Definitely surprised they took people off the waitlist this early