How can I bookmark this page?

For months, I have been trying to come directly to the Forums page on CC.

However, whenever I try to bookmark on Safari, it does not take me to the correct place.

First I tried to bookmark my Unreads page. However, even though logged in, I would get this message. I would then have to click on the hamburger in the top right of the page to get to a drop down menu where I could navigate to my Unreads.

This week I finally got tired of having to do that, so I navigated to the Forums page itself and tried to bookmark this page

But then when I click on my newly saved bookmark it takes me here instead, a thread I have no desire to land on every time I come to CC

Can someone please help me figure out what link I need to bookmark to get me to the Forums page correctly?

Same thing happened to me and I use both Google and Firefox. With the previous format, I could bookmark a certain thread where I wanted to start and, when I logged on, it would take me there. I haven’t been able to bookmark and land on a specific thread for months.

@lkg4answers I’m not even trying to bookmark a specific thread, I’m just trying to bookmark the main page where are the forums are listed. But when I try to do that, the link takes me to that thread about a new car, not the listing of forums.

I have this saved as a favorite on my IPad, I get to the list of forums that way.

@thumper1 that is the page I am trying to bookmark!

However, when I click on your link, and then bookmark it, when I click on my bookmark, rather than taking me to the page in your link, it takes me here. Driving me nuts!!! Why does the same link, bookmarked by me, take me to this?

@4kids4us that is really weird!

I’m bookmarking this on my iPad…is that what you are doing?

Yes, I have tried numerous times and it keeps bringing me to that new car thread.

So I guess this forum isn’t monitored by CC when someone is looking for assistance?

Tag @CC_Jon and @CC_Sorin for best results.

Sorry. I do monitor this category. I tried to reproduce your problem when it came up and I don’t see what you are seeing. My best guess is that you have some extension installed on Safari that isn’t working right with the site.

@CC_Jon Nope, no extensions installed.

I didn’t change anything. Just suddenly one day my bookmark no longer worked and I got an “oops, this page does not exist” or something like that. So I tried bookmarking this link which I accessed from the hamburger bar for the purposes of showing you what I’m bookmarking-

which should take me to this page:

But instead it brings me to this page

Not sure why it brings me there b/c that page has a totally different link/address in the menu bar (First ever new car!) than the link I’m bookmarking.