Jack Kent Cooke Young Scholars Program

Hello, can anyone tell me the process after becoming a semi-finalist for the JCKF Young Scholars Program (the one you apply for in 7th grade)? It may be a strange year, but I was notified in the Spring and the email says final decisions will come out in August. No interview or additional information was ever requested which I’m assuming is a bad sign. Anyone hear from them, have an interview, financial profile, etc. for year 2021?

My daughter was a young scholar (now is a current college scholar) and my younger daughter applied to be but was not accepted. They were generally very clear about the process for both my kids- but my younger daughter simply never heard from them after her initial application, and we were disappointed that they didn’t even notify her. Did the initial application lay out the timeline for the multiple steps? I believe with my older daughter there was application, teacher recs, interview, parent interview, acceptance.

The application due in March included grades, teacher recs, and essays. The semi-finalist notification came out in May and included this:

“Please continue to check your email in the coming months, as we may reach out to request additional application materials. We will update all semifinalists of their final application status for the Young Scholars Program in August via email. Up to 60 applicants will be selected to join the new cohort of Young Scholars.”

We haven’t heard anything since, so I’m guessing no luck!

Patience, young padawan. The notification you say you received in May states “we may reach out to request additional application materials.” The fact that you haven’t heard anything yet could simply mean that your application was complete. Further, the May notification says that “we will update all semifinalists of their final application status for the Young Scholars Program in August via email.” There are still 12 days left in August, and the message says that all semifinalists will be apprised of their application status. In other words, you should expect to hear something, one way or another, no later than August 31st.

Thanks for the reassurance. I’ve seen from previous year posts financial info/tax forms were asked of parents before acceptance and most were interviewed. I’ll wait with fingers crossed!

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Did your younger daughter receive the final decision letter though that she did not make it? Or not at all?

Wow your older daughter made it, and what was the interview like?

She didn’t ever receive anything. Since we were already involved with the foundation I was able to reach out to them personally and get the news, and an apology- I guess you are supposed to hear either way. My older daughter’s phone interview was held while she was walking to school, so I wasn’t privy to it, but she said it was very casual and a good conversation. Her interviewer actually ended up being her initial advisor from the foundation. My interview has hazed in my memory- my anxiety over phone calls made the whole thing a blur tbh.

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Haha. Thanks for your reply. So great to get your reply so fast! Interview while walking to school sounds so cool! She still made it and congratulations! So you think the interview was a very important determining factor? Or just a formality of it all…

At the time they did give some info about it, and that included that each round would whittle the finalists down some more. So no, I don’t think it was a formality. It wasn’t high pressure or anything though.

So there would be steps after Interview as well?

No, that was the last step for her. After that she was accepted and the last step was us signing the contracts about what was required and whatnot.

Sorry about bugging you with so many questions. Hard to come across someone whose child has gotten accepted by JKCF!

Thank you!

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Have you had any updates?

No, but I never even had an interview. All I received was the semi-finalist email months ago. Were you interviewed?

Yes. Oh, did you not get an interview at all? Sorry about that. Anyhow, August is not totally over yet. Let’s hope for the best. I will update if I hear anything from them. Thank you!

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Did you hear anything? I feel like the interview means a lot, so you definitely have a great shot! We are supposed to hear either way, and still nothing in my email. Maybe they are behind in notifications since August is about over?

Hello! We are anxiously awaiting news as well. Did anyone hear anything yet? My son did have an interview in early August. The very nice advisor he interviewed with said that notice would go out in September. I was still holding out hope for August though. Good luck to everyone!

Same here. I did email jock a few weeks ago and they said notifications hadn’t been sent and would be in September because my question was whether additional information was needed as well since we hadn’t heard anything

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Would no interview at this point mean automatic rejection?

Also, heard that the winners will be announced in September.

-parent of a semifinalist

I got accepted, what about you guys?