Regular Decision Notification Dates for 2021

Class of 2025 - below are the college admission decision/notification dates we compiled from a number of sources. I’ve also added a column for the forum post discussing each school’s regular decision and for a poll that we will create as the decision date approaches. We’ll be filling these columns in preparation for the students who visit the site in March and April to find out who got in.

We can use your help. Just go to this spreadsheet to update missing or outdated information. Changes should be reflected below in after a few minutes. Alternatively, just leave a reply.


If I’m not mistaken, UC Santa Cruz on my portal stated that decisions start late feb and finish before March 20th. I’m unable to edit the post for some reason to update it tho

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Thanks for the update! The UCSC webpage still says:

March 15-31, 2021 Fall 2021 admissions decisions appear on for all on-time freshmen applicants

But I updated the date on our list since it sounds like you have newer information.


Oh that’s quite different from what it says in my portal which is:

Our notification of admission decisions will begin at the end of February and conclude no later than March 20. All admission decisions are posted in the portal, and admitted students are also notified with a letter sent to the current mailing address.

Maybe we should just put end of Feb to march 31st?

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Johns Hopkins’ portal states RD decisions will be March 19, 2021 at 3 PM. This somewhat conflicts with their website date of around April 1…

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uga feb 12 (first small wave) and march 19 (big wave)

Thanks for the updates. I’m using the dates you all have since they seem more accurate than the information given on the schools’ public FAQs. Time will tell!


Why is Stanford so late this year?

From Stanford’s admissions site:

Updated decision release date for Regular Decision and deferred applicants

This year, the Office of Undergraduate Admission will release decisions for Regular Decision and deferred applicants by Friday, April 9. We are also extending the deadline by which students can confirm their enrollment to Monday, May 3. This new timeline reflects a notable increase in our application numbers and our commitment to maintaining a thoughtful and thorough review.

Same reason Ivy Day is a week later - substantial increase in applications.

is this for jhu??
For JHU,
February 12th they release all ED 2 at once right? Or is it in waves

wrong user

can they still admit wbb during april decision date into USC?

there are two dates for UMass Amherst on this list, and you have one as “early march” and one as “march/april”

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Purdue updated

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I’m confused about the threads that are entered in the pinned list. Many of those colleges have threads but they aren’t listed above.

We’re doing this manually, so I add threads as I see them. I also made the initial post editable by everyone expect brand new users. So if you all would like, you can use the edit button:

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This thread is for regular decision notifications. There is an ED2 thread for JHU.

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Boston College is the week of the 23

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