UNC Charlotte - Class of 2024 Admissions

The EA deadline is coming up. DD and I toured campus recently and she is excited to apply. Let’s support each other through the wait and answer questions for each other.

Can anyone out there comment upon their pre-med advising or how soon the new science building will be available?

@Cheeringsection , my son and I toured UNCC over the summer. Like your daughter, he loved it. It’s not his top choice, but if the reaches fall through and he falls short of NCSU, I think Charlotte is in his next top three – The realistic Top 3 is what I call it. It’s probably his most realistic (stats and cost) “want” school. We submitted the EA application last week. Fingers crossed for a quick answer.

Sorry, but I know nothing about the pre-med advising. Good luck!

Thanks @EconPop ! My DD20 is also applying to NCSU. She much prefers these 2 more urban NC schools — even though they feel more suburban than our state flagship. She knows that for OOS none are easy admits. Wishing your DS lots of good results so he has choices in the spring!

My son applied to UNCC and today his portal said received-decision. Unfortunately there is no decision on the portal-it says you’ll get a letter in 7-10 days and they don’t give decisions over the phone. This is his second choice (NCSU is his first) so we are crossing fingers and toes he gets the big fat envelope in the mail! We toured it in April and loved the campus! I would be thrilled if he went to UNCC. He applied with an intened major of chemistry so I also don’t know anything about pre med.

@cinnyminny how long ago did he send in his application?


September 10th

My sons application showed up as Decisioned today. I’m hoping for the best as this is his top pick (although we are still waiting to hear from NCSU and Bama.)

My daughter applied on 9/10/19, but it looks like they just received her SAT scores on 10/9/19. I don’t know why the delay, but we’re still patiently waiting.

SAT’s seem to take much longer to deliver. I have twins, one applying with the ACT & one using SAT…and the SAT’s take forever!

We never sent my son’s official scores to UNCC because they are self report. They only want the official scores sent if you are admitted and choose to enroll at the school. NCSU is the same way so that saved some money. :slight_smile: But UNCW they don’t have self report and I agree it takes a while for SAT scores to get there-took about 2 weeks for his scores to show up in his portal.

My son received his acceptance letter today! We did send his score because honestly, we didn’t fully read that it said we didn’t have to…lol

Yay! Congratulations!!! My son got his acceptance yesterday. Now we have to wait 3 months to hear from his first choice. You had said this was your son’s first choice so now he can relax and not worry about the decisions from the other schools. :slight_smile:

Congrats to you too! Now my son just wants to see if he can get into NC State and Alabama. He’s already applied. Who knows, he’s a teenager, he could change his mind.

Hello all. My son also toured UNCC recently and was impressed. App is still his first choice but I think he could be happy at UNCC. Fingers crossed. I know they are getting many more applicants now that they also use the common app, so we will see how competitive it is this year. I know a lot of people end up at UNCC if they don’t get in State but the ones I know have been very happy in Charlotte.

Several of you have mentioned applying to both UNCC and NC State. Just curious as an OOS applicant, what characteristics lead instate applicants to apply to both? For us, my DD20 prefers the access to a city and was drawn to the honors programs. We did not look extensively at other NC public’s though so I am not implying that there may not have been other options that met those criteria as well.

@Cheeringsection , for my son, assuming the schools are close on academic quality and are good for his major, I think he likes the combination of being in a larger city (compared to the other schools) and having an appealing campus. He absolutely loves the campuses+cities of NCSU and Charlotte. UNC, though a great school and one of his top 2 in-state public options, didn’t blow him away for campus or city.

Also, while he says he’d be happy with a smaller campus for some private options (4K-12K), he’s drawn to a 15K+ campus.

Aside from NCSU and UNC being his clear favorites, he also really likes Charlotte and App State. App State is in a smaller city, but the area close to campus is built up and very nice – and the outer areas are full of activities. The campus at App State was beautiful. He says he could be very happy there.

ECU slides in next. Great campus, okay city. It’s his safety comfort and he’s already been accepted there. His next three in-state publics are UNCW, UNCG and NCA&T. In son’s opinion, those cities are nice, but each campus lacked a certain appeal for him. He’s happy with the schools themselves, likes the cities, and could accept the lackluster (his opinion) campuses, so he can still envision himself attending one of those if it came down to it.

He’s not very interested in UNCA, Western Carolina, or others That’s no reflection on those schools, and I know many students/graduates of those schools who loved them. But for him, his NC options are his top 6 in-state publics, or one of the 3 in-state privates he likes (1 match, 2 reaches.)

For my son NCSU has always been his number 1 choice for years. Not really sure why, he’s just always loved the school. Location is a big factor. UNCC and UNCW are about the same academically but we live near Wilmington so, while he applied, had no intention of going (yeah idk why we wasted the money applying). He wants to go away to college-and being 35 miles from home, even living in the dorm, would be like being local. We know kids who go to Charlotte and love it there so that was a factor. He also definitely wants a big campus and a big population, which is 1 thing he also didn’t like about Wilmington-it’s a smaller campus. We live in a rural county so a city was a must. He had no desire to go west to App State, UNCA, etc. I tried to get him to apply to UNC Chapel Hill and Wake Forest but those schools held no interest. My older son goes to ECU and loves it there. So younger son also applied there and he got in. UNCC and ECU are safety schools but he wouldn’t have a problem going to either because he’s been to both schools and has heard good things about both. So for us it was a combinaion of a big campus, big student population and big city, and also hearing about the schools from kids who currently go to these schools.

DD reports that her portal says a decision has been made and she will receive a snail mail letter in 7-10 days!!!

That’s great! My daughter is still waiting. She applied on 9/10/19 but they received her test scores in October. She has been accepted to ECU, Wingate and Western. Still waiting on decisions from UNCC, App and Wilmington…waiting stinks for sure